How to Secure Your Smart TV?


The new surge of digital TVs has had all of us morph from the traditional pay as you watch cable tv system, to online streaming and live devices to broadcast as the two have shown to be a far more affordable kind of entertainment. Over time, we’ve noticed giants such as Netflix prove themselves as a reliable source of TV content such as movies and series, and their viewership only resumes to rise as people from around the world gradually move towards online content. However, new technology always has its shortcoming as well. In the case of Smart TVs; there’s still a chance that cyber-criminal hacks into your Smart TV to jeopardize your privacy and security. Keeping that in mind, it is necessary to secure your Smart TV.(also see, 4 Smart Devices With Security Vulnerabilities).

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How to Secure Your Smart TV

If you’re thinking to buy a new set of electronics shortly, there’s no better moment to assure you get a smart TV as a rise in your home entertainment system. If that might conceivably not be one of the things that feature on your to-do list, then maybe a smart TV box could be a more suitable solution. The most common ones are Android TV boxes, and this is essential because of the Kodi application that you can run on it and get access to one of the most extensive content libraries in the world.

With the new advancements in TV technology, there are a few of uncertainties that crop up; fundamentally because of an Internet connection.

Your Smart TV Is Easily Hackable

The internet connection of your Smart TV is the real culprit that makes it as vulnerable to many of the viruses and malware as any other IoT device. They can also be accessed remotely and hacked; with the hackers keeping information such as your login details to different apps, websites, and services, especially if you tend to log in to your accounts using your Smart TV’s browser.

Not so long back, several vulnerabilities, found in a range of Samsung TVs, which made them susceptive to online attackers. This made researchers shocked to find out how long a hacker would be able to maintain access to the Smart TV without any form of detection from the user. Less discreet cyber-crook are even daring enough to ascertain control over your Smart TV by doing something such as:

  • Switching on the webcam and spying on you.
  • Obtaining data stored on the memory stick connected to the TV.
  • Reaching your passwords and account info.
  • Keeping stored info on installed apps.
  • Demanding a ransom after locking the TV.
  • Remotely checking the TV
  • Switching on the microphone and eavesdropping on your conversations.

How To Secure Your Smart TV

There are many right steps that you can take note of and apply to be able to protect your smart TV. Few of them include:

Using A VPN: A virtual private network enables you to encrypt all of your Internet traffic and sneak your public IP address online. Setting up VPN on a Smart TV is possible if your TV is Android-based. If not, you’ll need to configure the VPN connection on your router instead. Although installing VPN on a Smart TV can prove to be slightly tricky at first, it has countless benefits. It adds an extra layer of security to your Smart TV and even enables you to bypass regional restrictions to access streaming apps that would normally not be available in your region. Take a look at our list of best VPNs for Smart TV.(also check, 5 Best VPN For Smartphone in 2018- Use Your Smartphone Securely and Anonymously)

Enhancing Your Security With Extra Software: If you’re using a smart TV box, there are probably many antivirus apps that you can choose from on the app store. These apps should allow you to put in place security measures that are meant to increase your protection while online.

Be Cautious While Installing Apps: It’s true that wherever you’re sourcing your apps from, there might form of malicious software (malware) disguised as something they’re not. Have a look at an app’s reviews from other users to get particular about how credible an application could be before downloading it.

Conclusion -How To Secure Your Smart TV

Many people are still not aware of the various avenues for attack that exist through your Smart TV. As a more informed reader, now you know what it takes to protect yourself from any kind of security vulnerability, and also how to use your Smart TV in ways that don’t allow for you to fall prey for hacking.


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