Scammers Target Pirate Game Sites Present on Google Search Results


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Scammers of all over the world are targeting the Pirate Game Sites found on Google’s search results. Here, the notices are not standard DMCA one and are definitely not as per the DMCA law.

Still, the scammers are accusing the sites and are saying that the counter notification is absent. To make the matter even worse, different malware sites are coming into Google’s search results.

Further, with an intention to let you know more about the Scammers and pirate game sites story, discover the story right from this article.

Scammer’s Targeting Pirate Game Sites Present on Google Search Results Story

Firstly, the takedown notices are very useful for different copyright holders. Here, they can make sure that their work’s infringement copies are not distributed at any cost.

Every single day, different copyright holders surf the web and see whether there are any sorts of infringing content.

After they find certain links, the same is reported to different online platforms such as Google. Now, they request each of such giant search results to take down those content at the earliest.

This system works exceptionally well on paper but when it comes to reality, things are not perfect as they may seem.

Further, one of the most famous scams we may seem is on the pirate game sites which included the famous

Now, gaming companies such as Ubisoft, Steam and much more are sending legal notices to Google.

In a recent meeting, TorrentFreak spoke with the operator of one pirate gaming site who remained anonymous. He was following such activity for a while and asked some set of questions to Google.

After which Google said that “Ubisoft” sent notices from Gmail address which were suspicious. Here, they made use of a Russian user Interface from an unknown Ukraine IP Address.

Further, the site owner even gave its different findings to Google but the company said there is no way to file the counter notification. This is because these notices are not DMCA takedowns

On the contrary, they are notification which covers the DRM which has its part in the DMCA.

A word of mouth by Google

“Google has been notified that the following URLs distribute copyright circumvention devices in violation of 17 U.S.C. § 1201, Google informed the site owner. Please find attached the notice we received. There is no formal counter notification process available under US law for circumvention, so we have not reinstated these URLs. If you dispute that you are distributing circumvention devices, please reply with a further explanation.”

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Final Word of Mouth: Scammer’s Targeting Pirate Game Sites Present on Google Search Results Story

Interestingly, Scammers are behind Pirate game sites and Google is an indirect target of such people.  However, Google is still reporting the links as “removed” but the same is not reflecting on the Internet.

Finally, as and when Google will display such names of game pirate sites, Scammers will definitely oppose them in the long run.

content credit- Torrent Freak


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