Is My Computer Hacked? 7 Giveaway Signs


Every other day, we see a new story about hacking attempts and ransomware attacks. This epidemic hacking scared the netizen a lot, and many of us are always in ambiguity about whether our system security is attacked already. Commonly, it is difficult to know for a layman if hacking has attacked their device. To this end, we bring you this guide to address your concern, is my computer hacked?(Also read, Ways To Prevent A Security Breach In Your Office).

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Is My Computer Hacked? 7 Giveaway Signs

Here are some signs that might be an indication for you that your computer is hit by hacking attempt.

Incorrect Password Error

If you are typing in your password correctly to log into your account and it is persistently showing the error of “Incorrect Password,” this can be a giveaway of a hacking attempt. Either the cybercrooks got to know your password and broke into your system.

Regular Pop-ups

If you are experiencing unusual pop-ups frequently while browsing the internet. This can be a potential sign of hacking attempt. But, before thinking Is my computer hacked? You must check multiple websites; because some websites generally generate pop-ups.

Unknown Program On Your Device

If new or unknown program found in your system that you have never installed; ask the other family members with whom you share the PC. If nobody has installed it, then this could be alarming. Make sure to run the anti-virus, as soon as you get to suspect this.

Fake Security Alerts

Sometimes, hackers inject a virus into your system that keeps showing frequent fake antivirus alerts that notify you about the dangerous virus your computer is hit by. Also, these alerts try to convince you for buying their antivirus premium version to get rid of it. Once you click on the link they have in their alerts, you will be redirected to a website that will ask for your credit card or bank details. Basically, these programs are meant to steal your money online. Make sure never to trust such scammy alerts.

Fake Emails Sent To Your Contacts

When somebody hacks your email account, it sends the bulk of scammy emails to your contacts, having worms; in a bid to widen its reach. If you get to know your contacts have been receiving such emails that you never sent them; then brace yourself for being a hacking victim. Change your password immediately and set two-factor authentication.

Ransom Demand

If you receive a message on your computer, demanding ransom; it’s a clear sign that your computer has been hacked. In a ransomware attack, the hacker locks your program and files and asks you to pay a specific ransom if you want to recover control of your computer. Never consider paying the ransom, instead read and follow, The Rise of Ransomware: How to Get Protection From Ransomware.

Mouse Auto Movement

If you notice that your mouse pointer is moving automatically and making selections, it indicates somebody is remotely controlling your system. However, some pointer auto movement can be due to hardware glitches, if it is making the perfect selections, there is something bigger involved. A cyber-crook is trying to reach your computer.

Conclusion -Is My Computer Hacked?

If your computer isn’t hacked yet, be sure you stay safe by following the best practices of cyber hygiene. Also, be watchful and keep your eyes open for potential scams, and you’ll be able to evade most of the hacking attempts.


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