Reddit SoccerStreams Stops After Severe Privacy Complains

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The highly popular platform by the name SoccerStreams is shut down on an immediate basis. This Subreddit had a massive subscriber list of around 420,000 whereas they got a final warning from Reddit administrators. In the subreddit, there were traces of illegal content whereas the administrators have ended user submissions.

Therefore, to let you know more about SoccerStreams subreddit, let’s move ahead and discover every bit of information.

Reddit SoccerStreams Halts After Privacy Complains Story

Watching football live online and getting regular updates has become a lifeline for the world audience. Reddit over the years comes with subreddits, where over a thousand football related subreddits are present. As for the broadcasters, they have to pay billions to gain copyrights and if the content goes on social media platforms, they face losses.

Also, online free streaming has become the modern day norm. over the internet, you will find over a dozen sites that offer streaming services. But, the majority of them deliver illegal content which breaks copyright rules.

While, the content is spread here and there, combining them into one subreddit makes it convenient for users. Until the last two days, SoccerStreams was running quite good. Having a total of 420,000 subscribers was a massive thing. But, as and when they began to share infringement contents, complains from rightsholders came into existence.

According to different moderators of soccerstreams, the case reached to “critical mass” which made SoccerStreams shut down.

A Word of Mouth by Moderator Notsoyoungpadawan

“I regret to inform you all that a few days ago, the Reddit Admins got in touch with us about an impending ban of this subreddit if changes weren’t made. “The only way to save it, from our perspective, was to cease all user-related activity here.” reads moderatornotsououngpadawan.

Since users were posting soccer updates on SoccerStreams, they are saying that the current subreddit is currently existing. However, as of now, the same subreddit will work as a “home base for the official Soccer Streams mod team”.

Therefore, with SoccerStreams utilized as an announcement platform, the team have made two new subreddits. These Subreddits will give Premier League news and even contents from other leagues.

“The aforementioned two are, for the moment, temporary solutions. We are working on a more permanent solution, however, due to the short notice we’ve had to work with what we have,” the mod team further says.

Following the scenario keenly, these are temporary solutions which the moderators are using. Still, if they can start giving soccer match announcements, they can gain subscribers in a quick span of time.

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Conclusion: Reddit SoccerStreams Halts After Privacy Complains Story

As far as the current situation goes, the SoccerStreams subreddit is down at the current moment. Still, their teams are trying really hard to bring back the subreddit and making it active, once again. However, copyright holders are looking in full control and will do their best to stop SoccerStreams.

Lastly, what will happen for other illegal subreddits, we will certainly have to wait and watch out for.



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