Record Labels Appeal Legal Defeat Against Stream-Rippers


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The very last week, Virginia Federal Court has rejected a piracy lawsuit against stream-rippers namely and Also, different record labels appeal legal defeat against such stream rippers with immediate effect.

The federal court dismissed the case explaining that the matter missed jurisdiction on other sites. However, Record Labels disagree with the case and have announced an appeal of legal defeat against Stream-Rippers.

Further, to let you know the full story, come along as we will try our best to uncover the fight story between Record Labels and Stream-Rippers.

Record Labels Appeal Legal Defeat against Stream-Rippers Story

Over the past few years, we have seen tremendous piracy issues and lawsuits. Every single time, whenever the government passes a law for pirate sites, the owners have become smart enough to escape from another door. Still, in 2019, the fight against piracy is rising and in the US, lawsuit number have gone an extra mile.

In most cases, the defendants are foreign sites that don’t really think to put up a fight. Also, the Russian Operator of YouTube rippers along with have fought back for dismissing the motion. The request was given very last week whereas the action taken is under processing.

The ruling was given by Judge Claude Hilton whereas the court lacked good jurisdiction over such websites.

A Word of mouth by Judge

“As the Websites are semi-interactive, the interactions with the users are non-commercial, and there were no other acts by the Defendant that would demonstrate purposeful targeting, the Court finds that Defendant did not purposefully avail himself of the benefits and protections of either Virginia or the United States,” the Judge wrote.

However, the battle doesn’t seem to be over yet. Judge Milton even wrote that the labels cannot refile their case in any other court. Though, they are free to appeal for the dismissal in every possible case. Well, they have done the same thing and hoping for the best judgment in their favour.

In a recent filing which was submitted yesterday, the record label said that they are appealing their case for the fourth circuit. Also, they are hoping for the overturn of dismissal as soon as possible.

The owner of both sites, Tofig Kurbanov have hired a team of professionals and they will definitely continue the fight. The site owner has never been to the US and his sites don’t target the citizens of US.

Further, even the attorney doesn’t believe that the record labels will succeed in any case. However, the court has made a well-planned and reasonable decision for the Record Labels.

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Conclusion: Record Labels Appeal Legal Defeat against Stream-Rippers Story

For now, it’s quite clear that the Stream-Ripper companies have won their first battle quite comfortably. Still, the record labels appeal legal defeat against Stream Rippers and are putting full force for the same. During the upcoming months, it will become clearer whether the dismissals will stand or not. In any case, if the record labels fail the appeal, they can go ahead and file a lawsuit in Russia.

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