Reasons to Use a VPN for Gaming Online


If you are a passionate gamer, then I am pretty sure that you do every possible thing to elevate your gaming experience. 

Gamers invest in expensive equipment like powerful CPU, upgraded RAM, storage devices, hard drive and what not. These additional system alterations require heavy cost but, give maximum gaming utility. 

Gamers spend a lot of money on system upgrades to enjoy fast and lag-free online games and that’s where a VPN should be a consideration too. 

In this guide, I will tell you why you should use a VPN for gaming. Before hopping into the details let’s take a quick look at what is a VPN and how it works.

What is a VPN?

Let’s keep things non-technical and straightforward. A VPN can be defined as a protective shield that hides your data. It works as a secure tunnel that encrypts your data, provides you its assigned IP address, and hides your online session from intruders. 

When you connect to the VPN, no one can see your real IP address because your VPN assigned IP address will be visible. All your traffic will first hit the VPN server then communicate the internet. 

In this way, your data transmission will be much more protected. Generally, VPNs are considered great for online security and privacy. 

However, VPNs can also be effective for online gaming and I will discuss it in detail, later in this blog.

Is Every VPN Good for Gaming?

First things first, not every VPN works well for gaming. There are certain VPNs that are compatible with online gaming. 

I have tried two VPNs one is NordVPN and the other is FastestVPN and both worked equally well. You can also perform your research and then connect to a gaming-friendly VPN. 

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Now, I will tell you some solid reasons that I am sure will make your mind to getting a VPN for gaming. 

Reasons to Use a VPN for Gaming 

1. A VPN Stops ISP Bandwidth Throttling

You might have already noticed that your internet speed slows down automatically.  You cannot play online games as fast as you did previously. 

It happens due to ISP bandwidth throttling. Your ISP can easily keep an eye on your online activities. ISP caps your bandwidth when it monitors and analyses that you’re doing too much of a certain activity like playing online games or watching movies online. 

As a result of that your internet speed slows down and you ultimately buy an upgrade plan from ISP.

A VPN stops ISP bandwidth throttling. When you connect to a VPN, it encrypts your online activities. Your ISP fails to monitor your activities, and hence a VPN makes it harder for your ISP to throttle your data. 

2. Unrestricted access across the globe

Online gamers better know this trouble! When you play multiplayer games you can clearly experience that various games are blocked in your region. Such games are only available in specific regions. Also, there are titles that are not yet launched in your region making it impossible for you to download online or activate if you have bought one from another region. 

Most games today only let you connect to games based on your account’s region, so a VPN can’t help in such situations. For example, a VPN for Xbox will not give favorable results as the Xbox Store’s region is tied to your Microsoft account’s region. 

However, there may still be games that match make based on your current geographic location. 

3. A VPN reduces ping time 

Ping time can be defined as the time required for sending and receiving data between the gaming server and your device. Higher ping time results in the higher lag that reduces your gaming pleasure. 

Ping time usually increases when there is a huge distance between your location and the gaming server. 

A VPN is the best solution to the problem when your routing is messed up. Usually, it’s not a very good idea to play online with VPN turned on as it introduces further delay. But in some cases, it may come in handy. 

4. Protects you from DDoS attacks 

DDoS refers to distributed denial-of-service is an attack in which fake requests have been sent to your system to the point where it fails to respond. 

Initially, this attack was designed for websites only, but now it is also used against gaming competitors. In this attack, your opponent throws unlimited data requests to your system. As a consequence, your connection gets lost and you lose. 

Since a VPN hides your IP address, it’s impossible to find and attack your connection with DDoS.

5. Protects data on public Wi-Fi 

Everyone loves to play P2P games with friends. Even users start playing such games in restaurants and coffee shops using public Wi-Fi. 

Public Wi-Fi is considered an unsecured source since a lot of attackers try to trap users on it. Also, when you play P2P games you start chatting while playing, and eavesdroppers take it as the opportunity to read and access your communication on the public Wi-Fi.

It could lead to sensitive data breaches. A VPN keeps you protected on the public Wi-Fi and encrypts all your data and communication so no hacker can intercept.

6. A VPN bypasses censorship

There are many amazing games that are unfortunately blocked in your region. Using a VPN helps you to circumvent geo-restrictions. It lets you access all your favorite games nearly in all locations by switching your IP address. 

Moreover, if you’re winning a game and the frustrated admin blocks your IP still a VPN can help you regain access. 

The admin cannot block your original IP address if you’re under a VPN protection, and soon you can continue playing by switching another VPN IP address. 


No matter on what device you’re playing, a VPN protects your connection everywhere and on every device. A gaming-friendly VPN will not protect your data only but will improve your gaming experience and enables you to access and play the best titles that are blocked in your region. 

Try using a gaming compatible VPN and let the world know about your experience with it. 


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