RARBG Adds .EXE Files To Torrent Files, But People Don’t Need to Panic

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From the last few days, online torrent site RARBG has begun to add .exe files to their torrent. These things have their links with certain malware but people don’t need to worry for a bit. Yes, RARBG Adds .EXE Files but those files are free from any sorts of viruses, as per company claims. Even for the regular users, the company has told them to relax and use the RARBG website with ease and comfort.

Now, to let you know the complete insider information about RARBG, let’s move ahead and know more about RARBG and “.EXE Files”.

RARBG Adds .EXE Files But People Don’t Need to Panic Story

Firstly, the site RARBG has been running for ten years and has become a popular one. Even after 10 years, the site has been running quite strong without a series of copyright claims.

In the 2019 list of most famous torrent sites, RARBG took the number fourth spot which is truly amazing. With the help of high-quality releases from TV shows to movies and adult content, RARBG is the one site to look for.

However, from the past few days, RARBG has taken an unusual step. The step has made users think about their decision to use RARBG torrent website. Taking a deep look at the website, we found that it contained an anonymous file named “RARBG_DO_NOT_MIRROR.exe”.

Talking about a general rule, whenever video torrent comes with “.exe file”, there is a need for precaution. Such executable files can contain malware and some dangerous viruses. Experienced torrent users know the effect of such files and they don’t ever click on them. Still, for people who are new to the Torrent Industry, they can click on such files and can face disastrous effects.

However, normal users can rename the file, keep the extension as .txt and can eliminate the occurrence of viruses.

But, if it’s just a text file, why will the torrent company include it in their torrents? The explanation which comes out is straightforward.

While the site is making thousands of releases every week, they can be mirrored by other online platforms. Since different “.exe files” are known to be suspicious by different online tools, they can create web crawling issues.

But, the .exe files are kept in torrent files to stop distribution of these files to other websites. The website confirms the same to their FAQ page.

The .EXE Experiment is Doing Some Goods

More interestingly, the “exe Extension” is bearing some positive effects on RARBG torrent files. On the basis of the website operator, using “.exe files” helps in “reduces the average hit&run [people who grab a torrent and then fail to seed] by 35% !”

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 Final Verdict: RARBG Adds .EXE Files But People Don’t Need to Panic Story

Finally, RARBG Adds .EXE Files and as for the people of any experience, they must consider those files with precaution. Running such files without any precaution can pose some serious effect on the users system.

On the other hand, if you see any “.exe file” in RARBG, you can just ignore the file and download the same from a more trustable source.


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