Whats the deal with VPNs in China?

QuestionsCategory: China VPNWhats the deal with VPNs in China?
menakanancy asked 2 years ago
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shakirngo answered 2 years ago

In China when you want to access some websites, like foreign websites (Facebook, twitter, Gmail, Instagram etc.) and not only these popular websites many US, UK, Australian websites are not accessible in mainland China. It is very difficult for you if you want to access such websites for any of your important project or even for fun like some streaming websites, social network etc. but you are unable to do these in China as Chinese government has blocked many foreign websites due to high censorship policy and regional restriction. I know all this because I live in China and know how difficult it is when you can’t access certain websites in China. So I started trying some ways to unblock these websites and found about VPNs some years ago. If you are living or moving to China as an expat or for any other Chinese people who want to access Gmail in China the only feasible tool is to use a Chinese VPN, means a VPN services that is optimized and dedicated for China because the Great Firewall of China (GFW) has already blocked many VPNs and periodically do so. To select a right VPN in order to unblock all the foreign websites in China. Here are some Best VPN for China:
ExpressVPN NordVPN

eberechan answered 2 years ago

You’ll need one if you want to access a growing number of sites and services.
Many of the VPN protocols that work in other locations have been blocked and China is getting better and better at disrupting VPN services.
I still recommend CyberGhostVPN they have multiple servers around the world and have protocols specifically created for use in China (including OpenWeb, StealthVPN, as well as OpenVPN and standard protocols such as IKEV2, IPsec, L2TP etc).
They have specific profiles that you can install on your iphone and other smartphones.