What is the best way to access Facebook in China?

QuestionsCategory: China VPNWhat is the best way to access Facebook in China?
menakanancy asked 2 years ago
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shakirngo answered 2 years ago

To unblock Facebook you must look for a Chinese VPN with a Dedicated iPhone and Android VPN App. The best way to access Facebook in China is to use reliable Chinese VPN. If you live in China or travel to China you know that all the top foreign websites are blocked in China including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Gmail etc. To access Facebook in China or any other blocked website you need a stable VPN for China, proxy is not a stable and secure option and slower than VPN as well. Free VPNs can give you access for a day or two may be, not for long time. Some Top Chinese VPN Apps are; ExpressVPN NordVPN

eberechan answered 2 years ago

China has the most Internet users in the world today. And probable China will be the leader for years. However there are lots of Internet restrictions in this country.
Among blocked sites are such popular sites as Google services (including gmail, google maps, google docs and others) Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, VOIP services like Skype and Snapchat and tones of others popular resources.
So if you are going to China, you need to care about your Internet freedom in advance.
Top Solutions to Unblock Facebook in China
There are many different solutions how you can bypass Chinese restrictions and access Facebook in China.
The most popular are:

  1. Using a VPN service
  2. Using Proxy
  3. Using TOR browser.
    If we compare these solutions we can find out the difference and see pros and cons of each solution.

TOR to Unblock Facebook in China
Low speed
Not absolutely secure
You do not control it.
Proxy to Unblock Facebook in China
Free (can be free and paid)
Need to pay
Cannot be controlled
Not absolutely secure
Not stable
VPN to Unblock Facebook in China
Fast Speed
100% anonymous and reliable
You control and can select your virtual location (vpn server location)
Not free.
What is VPN
VPN is secured encrypted tunnel that masks your geo location hiding your IP address and so helps to bypass all Internet restrictions.
Read more about VPN.
Why VPN works to unblock Facebook in China like this CyberGhostVPN

Due to Chinese Firewall Facebook is blocked for Chinese IP address. As you read above VPN can change your IP address so you can avoid Chinese Internet censorship.
This is simple and it works in most cases.
With VPN you can control your privacy and security.
How to Unblock Facebook in China on Android
To access Facebook in China on your Android device (tablet or smartphone) you do not need any additional application of software. You can setup vpn connection on your device using systems features. This is much more secure than using any additional application.