Is Instagram blocked in China?

QuestionsCategory: China VPNIs Instagram blocked in China?
menakanancy asked 2 years ago
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shakirngo answered 2 years ago

Yes, sadly all the foreign app and sites are blocked in China so does Instagram. But you can use Instagram in China by using a Reliable VPN service in China. But many people want to use Instagramt in China but sadly it is blocked by the Chinese Government. The only reliable way to access it is a VPN with; Dedicated Android and iPhone apps Servers near China Highly Secure Encryption Must offer Fast Speed Some Best VPNs Services in China as per my personal experience are; ExpressVPN

eberechan answered 2 years ago

Yeah that’s true.
Well, it’s not actually blocked for us.
Is it necessary?
We have substitution of these apps, and they are Chinese and have Chinese friends on that, which is much more convienent. So for most Chinese these are unnecessaryly ~ (even don’t know those)
Who use these in China?
People who use these apps in China are our generation mostly. Who use it like Facebook not like you guys for friends, some are starchaser (my friend), some are like to know how foreigners day-to-day life like, some practice foreign languages, some make foreign friends for the reasons I mentioned, and some other reasons. Because our friends are Chinese use our apps.
Can we get access to these?
Yeah, we can. Just use another app vpn we can use them. So if Chinese really want to use them then we can, like I use CyberGhostVPN to access blocked app in China.
Why the government do that?
There are some reasons:(personal guess)
You know, some of the information on them is illegal in China. It is difficult to filter the messages, so just blocked them all.
Might protect Chinese apps (companies) from foreign apps (companies). I think it’s like Anti-dumping Law~
Protect the Chinese network form outside Chinese start this late~