If I use Tor could I avoid the coming Netflix measure to block VPN users?

QuestionsCategory: NetflixIf I use Tor could I avoid the coming Netflix measure to block VPN users?
fifelacy asked 2 years ago
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shakirngo answered 2 years ago

No, Tor makes your streaming impossible even if you are able to bypass the geo-restriction your connection would die, I means the speed. Though it offers anonymity and privacy in connections to a possible level, using Tor networks has a few drawbacks. Slow Internet connections As the message has to travel several Tor nodes before reaching the destination, the connection speeds are really slower than what we experience with an Internet Service Provider. Hidden Services being exploited for illegal activities Hidden services are Tor’s web hosting services that are accessible only by other Tor users. Often, this service is used for illegal activities like drug trading, child pornography, arms trading, etc. Susceptible to Man-in-the-middle attacks NSA has captured the IP addresses of Tor users by using a malware in the Tor browser. Therefore, we cannot say Tor is completely safe and is susceptible to attacks including man-in-the-middle. It is for these reasons we should find an alternative to Tor when privacy and safety are our major concerns apart from anonymity. If it is for simple browsing or messaging that will not be affected even after getting caught by the government spying activities, we can go ahead with Tor. But if privacy really matters to us, it is not a good idea to rely on Tor networks. Better Alternative of Tor is a VPN for Streaming Better alternatives for Tor is VPN for Netflix which is stable enough to work for US Netflix, Try these services as these are still working on US Netflix; ExpressVPN NordVPN

staciatiller answered 2 years ago

Theoretically, yes. In practice, you’re doing it wrong.
VPN providers generally have large blocks of IP addresses or, failing that, are fairly easy to recognize because of the type/volume of traffic they produce.
TOR exit nodes (many, but not all) tend to be more widely distributed. Many are run by individuals or smaller institutions, like libraries. So, Netflix would likely have a much harder time pinning down and cutting off all of these nodes than they would turning off the pipe to a VPN.
However, you’re doing an extreme disservice to the community if you use TOR like this.
TOR is not meant to be used in high-bandwidth applications like streaming Netflix or P2P file sharing. For one, you’ll be unlikely to stream very much, as TOR bandwidth is very limited. However, you’re also tying up traffic within the TOR network with somewhat frivolous and excessive amounts of bandwidth when the network is really meant for circumventing the free sharing of information due to authoritarian or otherwise malevolent government entities.
It’s not your personal free alternative to a VPN. For Netflix US you still need a VPN working on their network like CyberGhostVPN