How do I get torrents for an iPad?

QuestionsCategory: TorrentingHow do I get torrents for an iPad?
fifelacy asked 2 years ago
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shakirngo answered 2 years ago

To download Torrents on an iPad you must follow these steps below. Before proceeding to the downloading you must use a Torrent VPN to access all blocked torrents sites and to securely download torrents on your iPad. Try these Secure Torrent VPN service before you download torrents on iPad;

Requirements for downloading torrents on iPad:

  1. You will need to have a download manager like iDownloader or UC browser that can be quickly installed from Apple’s App Store within a minute or two.
  2. As you may already know, you need to look for a torrent website that is online (in working condition) for the purpose of searching and getting the files you want to download. You can pick your favorite torrent site from a simple Google search about available torrent sites.
    Here are the Steps to download torrents on iPad: Step 1 :- Open iDownloader or UC browser on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and open the Browser given in iDownloader or UC browser. (It works differently for different download managers.) Long Tap : Get This Torrent Step 2 :- Go to your favorite Torrent downloading site, here we have used “” as an example. Search for the torrent you want to download. (But you can choose any other torrent site like “Torrent Downloads – download free torrents!” or “Movies online Resources and Information.” etc. look for a working torrent site as I mentioned earlier.) Step 3 :- Long tap the Download link of that particular torrent you want to download. Select Copy Step 4 :- You will get a pop-up with 3 options – “Open”, “Copy”, “Cancel”. Select “Copy”. Step 5 :- Now open a new tab on your browser at go to personal cloud storage. Sweet home for your private files.. Paste the Copied Url here, then TAP GO. Step 6 :- On Zbigz website you’ll get a URL field, paste that Torrent link there (which you had copied in step 4) and tap on the GO button. Step 7 : Wait for a moment, zbigz will now create the download link. Tap Song Link to download Step 8 :- After you get the link, just tap on the download button in the shape of a “down-arrow” beside the file name. Then you will get three options like “Download”, “Open” and “Copy Link”, choose the download option in order to download the file to your iPad. Or you can simply tap on the “download icon” that is in the shape of “up-arrow” present at the bottom of the page in iDownloader App. The downloaded file is stored in the Files segment of the iDownloader App. It’s easy enough to figure out for yourselves after one or two attempts.
shakirngo answered 2 years ago

Steps to Download Torrents on iPhone, iPad (iOS)[1]
Step 1:
“First any torrent tracker website to find the torrent files that you want to download on your iPhone. For example , ThePirateBay, ExtraTorrent etc. For example, if you want to download Ubuntu from torrent , first you need to search Ubuntu on a torrent site You will get a page similar to the following image:
From your iPhone, now Tap and hold on the Magnet Icon as shown in Image 1. You will get three options : “open” , “copy”, “cancel”. Select “Copy”.
You will need this magnet links on the next step.”
Step 2: ‘
and Sign Up with your email. Bitport is an online torrent downloader for iPhone/iPad. You don’t need any other iPhone app. Any browser is enough. After signing up, don’t forget to check your email inbox and verify the email.”
Step 3:
“Now login to your bitport dashboard and you will see the user interface like below:
Step 4:
“Now Paste the magnet link you copied in step 1 here and hit the “Add New Torrent” button. Wait sometimes and your torrent file will be cached by the BitPort server and it will be uploaded in your user dashboard in no time.”
Step 5:
“Now after waiting for sometime, a “Download link” will appear. Click on it to start downloading the torrent file. Safari sometimes starts streaming video files instead of downloading so we always recommend UC Browser which you can download from the AppStore.”
“If you want to STREAM video files instead of downloading, you can also do that. Click on the “Stream Mp4” link”