How do I bypass throttling of torrent by ISPs specifically in India?

QuestionsCategory: TorrentingHow do I bypass throttling of torrent by ISPs specifically in India?
fifelacy asked 2 years ago
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shakirngo answered 2 years ago

You can use a secure and reliable VPN to avoid and bypass throttling by your ISP. Not all VPNs are secure and let you bypass your ISP Secure and Anonymous Torrenting is not that hard in India after the ban as people think. But yes you have to perform certain simple steps to make sure you are anonymous while downloading Torrents. The best solution is to select a Secure Torrent VPN which must a premium high-end VPN service Free VPNs are not the Safe and Anonymous solution for both of the Torrent Problems; To Unblock Torrent Websites To Keep you Anonymous And Safe While Downloading Torrents Free VPNs are not recommended by most of the high authority websites as well. Some best VPNs for downloading movies from torrents are; ExpressVPN

shakirngo answered 2 years ago

Get yourself a good VPN service .
You’ll be using the VPN to connect to websites A, B, and C and send all sorts of interesting information to those websites; or send email; or whatever. Your ISP can see none of that. All they can see is encrypted data that they can’t decrypt. So they know you’re using a VPN, but they don’t know what you’re using it for.
VPN is superior in almost every way to proxies. It provides vastly improved online anonymity, and protects your entire on-line life. In addition to this, because ISPs cannot monitor your online activity, it is an effective means of bypassing ISP throttling.