How can I bypass the Great Firewall of China?

QuestionsCategory: China VPNHow can I bypass the Great Firewall of China?
awusicano asked 2 years ago
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ademarorolfe answered 2 years ago

China Blocks almost all the foreign sites including popular sites as well like Gamil, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. To bypass the Great Firewall of China it is very important you get a reliable Chinese VPN service, I have tried many VPN services in China, because I had to access many foreign websites for my research project etc. so my personal experience is what gave me a lot of knowledge and the most important thing I learned is NO FREE VPN WORKS in CHINA, which is the worst thing to know, because I had to spend some money to get the stable and quick access in China. If you live and work in china you need a VPN service which is; Dedicated and optimized for China Stealth Servers near China like in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan etc. Some Best VPN which Works in China to unblock Gmai, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc; ExpressVPN