Can I hide my browsing history from my Internet provider?

QuestionsCategory: Internet PrivacyCan I hide my browsing history from my Internet provider?
fifelacy asked 2 years ago
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shakirngo answered 2 years ago

Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox,Opera and Internet Explorer all have private browsing modes you can use to make sure the websites you visit don’t appear in your browsing history. Typically, your browser will record a running log of each website you visit and store information about what you entered into search and information forms on websites. When you enable private browsing modes, you are telling your browser not to record which websites you’re visiting, and telling it not to use or download any cookies. However, there are a few security flaws that can leak this information back onto your browser.Like, if you download an SSL certificate from a website or told that site specifically to stop displaying pop-ups and downloading cookies, all of that information is still stored on Firefox. Also, if you log into your Google account in Chrome’s Incognito mode, the browser will record your history and remember your cookies, which effectively ends the private session. or you can use secure VPN services which are best to hide the browsing history from your ISP Try these Secure VPN services which uses advanced security features and provides privacy online; ExpressVPN NordVPN

staciatiller answered 2 years ago

The fact that ISP can now freely monitor our activities and can sell our browsing history for a handsome amount of money is widely known. But if you are a security as well as a privacy freak, then you would never tolerate anyone gaining insight into your personal life. Therefore in order to hide your browsing history from the prying eyes of ISPs I am providing you some useful tips which you should acquaint yourself with:
1.Use TOR
TOR browser has expertise in providing the all-time desired anonymity that a Netizen could ever wish for. This is done by routing your traffic over a network of relay nodes that are being controlled by the TOR volunteers all around the world. You can connect hide your browser history pretty well using the TOR network. But since it routes your traffic over several servers it tends to become extremely slow.
However, in case an ISP gets a tip that you are using TOR network to anonymize yourself and hide your browsing history then it also has the right to ban your connections because using TOR is against the rules set by the anti-privacy bill signed by Trump. Thus you cannot guarantee whether TOR is completely secure or not.
2.Employ a VPN
A Virtual Private Network – VPN – is considered a fail-safe preventive measure in these grim times. A VPN can encrypt your Internet traffic with 256-bit military grade encryption that is difficult to penetrate as the Internet traffic travels through a protected connection.
By employing a commercial VPN, your IP gets masked giving the ISPs a tough time to track you on the Internet.
However, while using VPN with Windows you are prone to suffer from a DNS leak, but to solve this issue many VPN come with a DNS leak resolver like the renowned;