6 Benefits of Paid VPN Services


Benefits of Paid VPN Services: A VPN service ensures users’ security, safety and ability to access various blocked content from all around the world. Furthermore, in the past days, VPN services were mainly used in the corporate world to assist employees to connect from home. However, in the recent days of privacy and security become a question for everyone and users are exposed to many online threats. Including; spamming, hacking, cyber-crimes, etc.

Additionally, a VPN is used widely all around the world by both private and business users. It is due to ensure security and privacy of their online activities and their devices. VPN is also used worldwide to access exclusive content related to entertainment and educational stuff. The content which is blocked due to geographical restriction in some regions of the world.

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What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an internet privacy and security software service provided to the users on the monthly payment basis. VPNs are used for;

  • Anonymize the internet connection, to hide you from ISP monitoring.
  • To keep government and security agencies away from intruding into your internet activities 24/7.
  • To provide you online security from cyber attacks and keep the cyber evils; hackers, spammers etc. away from your network.
  • It gives you access to all the geo-restricted and censored websites over the internet from any region of the world by its IP masking feature.
  • You can download the torrent and can do P2P file sharing with safety and anonymity.

6 Benefits of Paid VPN Services

Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers internet users with many attractive advantages. Like to go anonymous, and access geo-restricted content provides a platform for a high-end security protocol, and safeguard users information and data from hackers, spammers, cybercriminals and shield privacy interferences by surveillance agencies and ISPs. However, to enjoy all these perks, you need to use a premium VPN. As all these are premium VPN benefits. Most noteworthy, if you opt for a free VPN you can never avail these benefits of paid VPN service.

VPN Protocols

VPN providers use different security protocols to encrypt your data while sending and receiving them for a secure protocol it must be over 256-bits. PPTP works on 128-bits but allows you better streaming but less security than L2TP/IPSec and SSTP which works on 256-bits encryption protocol which is high-end security and highly recommended for your security needs and keep yourself safe from hackers, spammer, and other cyber threats (get the best encrypted VPN services). You must choose the best VPN service we have recommended you here that offers highest security protocols, however sometimes for faster-streaming, security can be compromised for better speed, but we don’t recommend that do it at your risk.

Log Policy of a VPN Service

One of the most noteworthy benefits of paid VPN is offering no-log keeping the policy for their users. Nobody wants to be secretly monitored by their ISP or their surveillance agencies. The best VPN services never keep logs of their users’ online activity history.

Number of Server Locations

The highly demanding server locations by VPN users all around the world are UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, China, etc. Hence, you enjoy this benefits of paid VPN as it provides you with enough servers for each location we mentioned above. Furthermore, to avoid any delay in performance after connecting to such heavy-loaded server locations. The best VPN services we have recommended you here have the largest number of servers in the mentioned locations of USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, and China.

Torrenting and P2P file sharing option

Additionally, one of the most required benefits of paid VPN is access to Torrenting and P2P file sharing sites. Hence, it is a must to look for the feature because you need that to download your educational stuff, entertainment files, training videos, movies, TV shows, in short, whatever you need to download.

IP, DNS and WebRTC Leak Test

Make sure that your VPN service provider must not just claim. It must really hide your online identity. Additionally, it must also provide you anonymity while surfing the internet. Hence, it should not leak your real IP when you connect it and assume that you are anonymous. The paid VPN service allows you high-end security. Furthermore, it gives you the protocol by which your original IP address remains completely safe and confidential. When your VPN is secure, enough it will provide you protection against IP, DNS and WebRTC leaks. You can simply check it by connecting your VPN on and the visit www.ipleak.net. If you can see your IP or your ISP’s IP here. It means your VPN is not secure enough, and you are not anonymous while surfing the internet (you can know more about it in our comprehensive guide to IP, DNS and WebRTC leaks).

Simultaneous Connection Feature

This VPN feature allows you to connect VPN on more than one device at the same time. We know that we all owns more than one computing device. So as to connect to the internet depends on our mood and need, a desktop PC, a laptop, smartphone, a tablet, etc. Hence, the best VPN service must allow you to connect with more than one device.  With one VPN account at the same time. VPN services I recommended here allow you to connect 3 to 5 devices maximum with one VPN account.

Automatic Internet Kill Switch Feature

This premium VPN feature enables you to disconnect the internet connection when somehow the VPN connection drops. The Internet kill switch saves you from any possible IP leak while connected to the internet when VPN connection drops.

Fast Speed

Another one of the amazing benefits of paid VPN is fast speed. A premium VPN does not lag your internet connection like free VPNs. So, it is better to invest your time and money into a good thing.

Customer Support

When you opt for a premium VPN, you get 24/7 support from their customer service department. You can contact their online customer representatives any time of the day. Hence, you get your VPN issues and problems solved within some hours, instead of a hectic search for the solution on Google.

6 Benefits of Paid VPN Services-Final Words

Consequently, if you want quality services for your online anonymity, privacy and security. Then you should only trust a premium VPN service.


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