3 Types Of People Who Must Use VPN


Today we thought to tell you much it is important to use a VPN if you are either a student, traveller or a person who loves movies and similar entertainment stuff. Follow us till the end to know about 3 types of people who must use VPN.

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3 Types of People Who Must Use VPN

What’s A VPN?

Calling VPN one of the computer jargon that has attained a lot of popularity recently, will be perfect right! All credits to the growing threats to cyber-security that has made the use of VPN even more widespread; since it offers you an encrypted internet connection with complete web anonymity.

VPN or Virtual Private Network works by masking your original IP address with any of the virtual IP address that you choose. This way, the website servers fail to detect your original IP address and so your location.

Since website servers block your access to your location, if VPN changes your location virtually, no website can block your access if you are using a VPN. This way you can get two benefits, one is web anonymity; which means you can use the internet anonymously; where no one can track your location. And the second is VPN allows you to bypass geo-blocking and lets you unblock any website across the world.

Besides, VPN also provides you robust internet security by encrypting all your data traffic that even your ISP can not intercept. With such strong encryption, you get two more benefits, one is the ultimate protection against privacy breach and hacking, and other is you can evade ISP snooping and get rid of government watchdogs.

Which VPN Is Better? Paid Or Free VPN?

VPN market is now full of various VPN provider brands; each of them is claiming for ultimate privacy and fast connection. Some offer their services free of cost as well. But, do not just drool over with such offers. Nothing comes free, especially when it comes to VPN service; free term should be taken as a warning sign!

The most severe risk of free VPN apps is that you may succumb control of your internet data. A reliable VPN service is supposed to encrypt your data stream from your device all the way to the service’s servers; at which point it enters the open internet. But a vague or poorly configured service could jeopardize your traffic, either by scheme or by accident, or could even piggyback on your encrypted connection for nefarious purposes.

Whereas, premium VPN services are widely known for high level of encryption, a maximum number of server locations, log less privacy policy, and fast connection. Hence, it is always better to opt for a paid VPN and be at the mercy of free VPN providers; that actually isn’t free and costs you your privacy!(Also read, Best VPN With Most Servers)

3 Types Of People Who Must Use VPN

Now let’s come to back to what question we raised in the beginning. Why do students, travellers, and movies enthusiasts need to use a VPN? let’s dig it out in detail.


For every student of college or university, it has now become important to have a VPN app installed on their phone or computer. It’s to bypass the content restriction imposed by the institution administration. By using a VPN, you can access the internet freely and even unblock those sites which are not accessible by the university or college administration.

Travelers And Expats

VPN comes as a necessity for all the travellers and expats out there. It’s because while they are on the go, they need to connect to different public Wifi and that’s itself a big risk to their online security and privacy. Using a VPN will let them stay protected even while being connected to a public Wifi. Also, if you are in such a place, where your favourite social media website or any important website is blocked; you can rely on the VPN to unblock them.(Also see, 6 Reasons Every Traveler Needs a VPN)

Besides, you can also avail some pretty much good discounted deals on hotel and flight bookings by changing your server location, and booking flights and hotel stay with that location, where the package is highly discounted.

Movies And Entertainment Lovers

Like many people these days, if you love your TV shows and movies, then you must also like streaming content on your computer. In that case, you are going to need a VPN on your computer.

Not only does a VPN help you access region locked content but also lets you easily download shows and movies on your computer. Although you must exercise caution when using dubious download sites, with a VPN, you can easily get access to your movies, music, and TV shows at any time.(Also check, What is Coming UP on Netflix in February 2018?)

Conclusion -3 Types Of People Who Must Use VPN

Even if you are not any of these people, you must not underestimate the need for a security suite on your device. It’s because we live in the era where internet security threats are on its verge. So, stay protected and beware of potential cybersecurity threats.


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