Operation Pirate Is Targeting the ‘iNCOMiNG’ Release Group

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Every now and then, censorship groups are targeting millions of pirate sites. This time, the Authority people in Italy are busy in targeting a piracy release group. The targeting happens by local measures along with significant means. Commonly named as a “FREE/INCOMING” is the group which is releases movies online. The operation pirate is behind this group to ban them and eradicate piracy to some more extents.

Therefore, to let you know more about the Operation Pirate and Incoming group story, let’s move ahead and discover information on the same.

Operation Pirate is Targeting the Incoming Release Group Story

For online entertainment industries, their target has always been pirate sites that are spreading piracy. They are trying their best to reduce piracy and bring a sense of change in this extremely piracy populated world.

In the current situation, mostly the activities are aiming distributers of torrent and other piracy platforms. However, those who are sitting at the top of the pirate industry are working without any problem.

As per the news coming straight from Italy, the Operation Pirate Authorities are busy in looking at people who are spreading piracy.

Also, The “Guardia di Finanza of Pesaro” which is a department in Italy’s Minister of Economy reports an investigation. The operation is happening in the group “Free/Incoming” which are spreading movie piracy on a global scale.

In an operation between 2010 to 2016, the group name came as one of the main groups operating on the Italian and International scenes”.

Even more, on the basis of Gdf, “Free/Incoming” group have their collaborations with foreign piracy groups. They import movies to be distributed in Italy and around 66% copy of movies are available online.

A Word of Mouth by the Investigators

“The subsequent analysis of what was seized allowed us to discover that the group members, after the acquisition of the successful films and the major television series broadcast on pay-per-view channels, took care of the assembly and coding for upload on powerful servers,” the investigator said.

Also, the Anti-Piracy Group FPAV signifies that the results are good. In particular, the supply chain of movie distribution broke which led to a little success for entertainment companies.

The investigation was thinking to link different camcorder copies of movies along with the players in the group. The Public Prosecutor of Pesaro along with the support of “Federal for the Protection of Audiovisual and Multimedia Content (FAPAV)” did such things.

This is the case of four men from Incoming group which are under a series of the investigation. The Operation Pirate Authorities are under relevant laws. Till now, nothing is clarified and the Operation Pirate Authority is busy investigating the complete matter.

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Final Verdict: Operation Pirate is Targeting the Incoming Release Group Story

The case of the Incoming Piracy Group is, of course, a stringent one. They were displaying movies online and were even outsourcing them. Therefore, what will be the next move of Operation Group, we will have to wait and watch out for.


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