NordVPN Vs VyprVPN


NordVPN Vs VyprVPN: Various organizations demand different types of VPN Services. To understand well which service suits you, think about assessing multiple solutions feature by feature taking into consideration their terms and pricing. Similarly, you can get a quick idea of their general effectiveness and customer feedback by checking our smart scoring system. The results are NordVPN (9.6) vs. VyprVPN (8.8) for total quality and usefulness; NordVPN (97%) vs. VyprVPN (92%) for user satisfaction rating. Check out their strong and weaker points and decide which software is a better choice for your company. A simple, practical tactic is to note down the advantages and disadvantages of both applications next to each other and see which software has more benefits.(also see, How to Unblock Netflix with VyprVPN?)

NordVPN Vs VyprVPN

VyprVPN is Upfront with the Logs it Keeps

VPNs are devised to supplement privacy to your online experience, so you wish to keep a record of what your VPN knows about you.

It is asserted in Golden Frog‘s (VyprVPN’s parent company) privacy policy that a bit of information is kept for 30 days, including your IP, the VyprVPN server’s, the amount of data utilized, and the connection start and stop times.

VyprVPN privacy policy

It also specifies all the data that it does not collect, which benefits quell some concerns of VyprVPN having too much information about you.

VyprVPN privacy policy

Whereas, NordVPN’s privacy policy says that it retains absolutely no logs except for your email address and payment information. If you are concerned about your online privacy and need the least amount of data collected, it seems that NordVPN is your go-to choice.

NordVPN privacy policy

NordVPN Has More Servers.

NordVPN offers 1,294 servers spread across 60 countries. It also provides featured servers, with qualities like double VPN, P2P, anti-DDOS, and Onion over VPN.

VyprVPN provides more than 700 servers in more than 60 countries and claims over 200,000 individual IPs. This is still a wide selection, but note that P2P is not permitted when using VyprVPN. Read on to know more about NordVPN Vs VyprVPN.(also see, Why is NordVPN Best for Smart TV?)

VyprVPN’s Chameleon Connection Protocol

When it comes to connecting to the internet safely, both VPN providers offer PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, and OpenVPN protocols. NordVPN also provides the IKEv2/IPsec protocol, while VyprVPN does not.

However, VyprVPN has an additional protocol, which is the Chameleon protocol. It’s especially useful for those breathing under oppressive administration, as it is made to hide the fact that you are employing a VPN at all. Because of OpenVPN’s 256-bit encryption, the Chameleon protocol can help you work around bandwidth throttling and governmental censorship that would oppositely be sniffed out with deep packet inspection.

NordVPN Offers You More Simultaneous Connections

Regardless of what type of NordVPN plan you pick, you can utilize up to six devices concurrently. NordVPN can also be configured on special routers to give an entire home or office with VPN protection.

Whereas, VyprVPN lets you use VPN to either three or five devices simultaneously, depending on the plan you choose. That’s less than that of NordVPN, but VyprVPN has a router app that can be used with Tomato-based devices.

NordVPN and VyprVPN do not have bandwidth limits.

Whether you decide to opt for NordVPN or VyprVPN, neither of them puts a limit on bandwidth, and neither will they throttle your connection speed.

NordVPN Offers More Pricing Plans and is Cheaper

There are three NordVPN plans to choose from, each with a 30-day refund guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. The most affordable option from NordVPN is its yearly plan, invoiced once at about $69. All NordVPN pricing plans include all NordVPN features, and you can use Bitcoin to pay, something VyprVPN does not offer. Read on to know more about NordVPN Vs VyprVPN.

VyprVPN provides basic and premium packages, with two payment choices for each. If you’d like to utilize all features that VyprVPN offers, you’re going to need to opt for the premium offering; which costs about $80 for a yearly subscription (charged once), or about $13 on a monthly basis.

If you wish to go for a cheaper VyprVPN plan, the primary choice — which doesn’t include features like the Chameleon protocol and VyprVPN Cloud — charges about $60 for a full year and about $10 on a monthly basis.

Conclusion -NordVPN Vs VyprVPN

While both the providers have apps that are simple to use and enable users to browse with anonymity; NordVPN number of features and the quality of the service it gives make it a clear winner. VyprVPN users advantages from its Chameleon technology; making it workable in China, but must balance this with its policy of logging and torrenting. NordVPN gives excellent levels of privacy and securing including DNS leak protection and 2048-bit dual VPN technology. Combined with its greater number of server locations, its ability to support P2P / torrenting, and the fact that it gives the faster and more stable connection makes it hard to beat.NordVPNVyprVPN



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