Will Russia Block 15 Million IP Address for Censoring One App?


    Russia Block 15 Million IP Address: Inevitably, issues in Russia are on expansion. As per the reports, the new target of the Russian Censor is Zello. Well, Zello is an online communication app with which people communicate with each other. But, in the recent times, things have not looked quite good for this app.

    Yes, it has fallen under the Russian laws for which it is gaining trouble. In order to abide by the rules, all the online companies will need to register with the Russian Authorities.

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    An Insight into the case of Zello

    As we all know, the news of-“Russia Block 15 Million IP Address” is on hype. But, of Russia is looking to censor Zello all over the country, they will have to take some stringent steps. For that, Russia will have to block a whopping 15 million IP Address over the 36 Internet Subnets. Such a thing is a huge task and Russia will have to go all out to achieve it. Also, such a thing will result in the blocking of every other website in Russia.

    Hence, Russia on their part is doing some sort of a thing. The Russian Rozcomnadzor is looking to go nuclear in this case scenario. Also, with this move, the Russian government will set an explosive stage just to block one app.

    What is Zello?

    If you are the one who hasn’t heard about Zello, you might be thinking the buzz in this article. But, Zello is an excellent type of a secure communication app. With this app, people can effectively communicate with each other in a much secure manner.

    Yesterday, there was an ongoing effort of the Russian government to block every noncompliance online services. In such services was Telegram which was under the radar of blockage. While such issues are occurring in Iran and Russia for which everything is all about. Now, as far as Russia block 15 Million IP Address, people have enough time to protest for the same. For add-ons, LinkedIn was also unavailable with Russia which is surely not a great sign.

    Apart from the above scene, Russia is on the verge of blocking several uses of the VPN. However, the ones which are unlicensed comes under this blockage of the Russian government.

    Why Does Russia want to Block Zello?

    In Russia, under the control of Putin, it seems that the app Zello can act as a threat to Russia. Such an app are used by the opposition groups for the coordination of protests. Also, they can be used to protest against Putin which the Russian government will never want to happen.

    But, despite Russia block 15 Million IP Address, the users still have a sheer chance. Yes, with the usage of a great VPN service, they can bypass such issues with great ease and comfort. With a reliable VPN, you can use Zello in Russia and that too with another country server.

    Will Russia block 15 Million IP Address? Well, the Russian government is quite smart and they will not want any app to threaten their security. So, for now, VPN’s remain the best tool in such cases.


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