What is that One Way to Access Social Media Content in Sri Lanka?


    As far as we talk about Sri Lanka, they had a tough week where violence erupted across the country. The Sri Lanka government has done exactly what any other government will do. They have done a knee-jerk reaction and have blocked ways to access social media content in Sri Lanka. Also, they have blocked divergent social media apps which is surely not a good sign.

    Due to such scenario, divergent social media apps such as Facebook, Tumblr, Whatsapp, and Instagram have found themselves blocked. However, some users are finding different ways to access such blockage contents on an increasing scale.

    To shed some light to access social media content in Sri Lanka, here is the solution for the same.

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    Solution to the Existing Social Media App Blockage problem

    If you are an ordinary user in Sri Lanka, using the Internet must have been a tough task for you. Millions of the users in Sri Lanka come under the radar of stringent social media blockage. Hence, they are not in touch with apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and many others.

    However, the good news is that, like any country which blocks social media content, there is a good side too. With such blockage all over, accessing social media content in Sri Lanka, it is much easy to bypass this issue. Users have done their part and are sharing divergent solutions to bypass the Sri Lankan media blockage.

    Now, what is the much possible way through which we can access social media content in Sri Lanka? Well, there might be plenty of the ways but nothing can match VPN, as simple as that.

    How to Get VPN in use if you are in Sri Lanka

    If we talk about VPN services, they cost merely few dollars but give us immense benefits and functionality. Just follow these simple steps if you want to use VPN in Sri Lanka.

    1. Visit a good VPN service provider and sign-up.
    2. Download the best VPN app on your device from the VPN app section
    3. Install the app, and log in with your confidential account details with the account.
    4. Tap on the location icon and select the closest country such as Pakistan, Thailand or even India.
    5. Press on Connect.

    Now, it will take some time to connect yourself to a VPN. Once everything is done, you will get connected with it and can enjoy Internet services to the core.

    Once everything is done, your data is in its encrypted form outside Sri Lanka. Hence, no one will know who is accessing your site. Also, now it is impossible for any ISP or government to block your access to these social media apps. The resultant is surely one-stop for accessing social media apps with great ease and comfort.

    Sri Lanka Finds a new term-VPN

    The recent blockage of social media content in Sri Lanka has given rise to the revolution of VPN Term. As of now, millions of people are using VPN to access social media content in Sri Lanka. Also, from the side of some commentators; things have gone to a whopping level. They are inevitably saying that Sri Lanka has broken the records of VPN Apps downloads each passing day.


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