VPN’s are active in China Despite the Ban on March 31


    VPNs are active in China: We are here in a world where there is a constant ban on every other VPN. You take any country and you will find a ban on any of the VPN services. Now, occurring from the same scenario, VPN’s were not active in China on the 31st of March. Due to which, million of the citizens of China became a major victim of such issues.

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    VPNs are active in China & China’s VPN Ban Story

    Over a decade of time, China was looking to ban every other VPN services. In the year 2017, they banned the use of unauthorized VPN’s and also ran several campaigns. In their campaign, they wanted to take down every other VPN and have a total control over the Internet Censorship. Also, they were looking to ban every illegal online service which was running in China.

    As of now, VPNs are active in China but it made several harsh things to do. In the year 2018, the crackdown of the VPN’s resulted in a series of losses. On the Apple Store, all the VPN apps were taken down altogether. Such things were not good for the app developers as they bearded heavy losses.

    More to the above scenario, Beijing also took some harsh steps for the same. Yes, they said their mobile operators such as China Unicom, China Mobile to do certain things. In such things, it said them to block access to VPN’s straight by February 2018. After that, the Chinese government held the same ban as on the March 31.

    However, there are plenty of the businessmen who are waiting for the ban to come into effect. Yes, the Chinese government will surely look to implement the ban and the online users need to care for it. So, far there is no official announcement from the authorities but still, things can change in seconds.

    The survey from the GlobalWebInded

    According to the survey by GlobalWebIndex, some interesting things came out. They said that the VPN Crackdown was disturbing the businessman’s, scientists as well as the students. Such things are surely not great and will affect a number of the users. Also, it was found that nearly 14 percent of the users in China use daily VPN. In a more precise way, out of 731 million users, nearly 100 million users use VPN’s. Well, such a number is much staggering and magnificent.

    Final Take on VPNs are active in China

    In the current scenario, despite several bans, VPNs are active in China which is a good sign. There are plenty of the users who use VPN and want their privacy metrics to be excellent. Hence, as a citizen of China, despite using illegal VPN’s, you can go for the reliable Chinese VPN Services.

    With a good VPN Service, you can bypass any government policy with great ease and comfort. Also, you can implement the IP Address masking which is yet another great feature. At last, irrespective of the series of bans, your reliable VPN will inevitably stay in an incredible working condition.


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