Vietnam Under Strict Government Censorship And Citizens Are In Vain


    Vietnam Under Strict Government Censorship: Since Years, Vietnam is a country which has enjoyed its growing economy.  Right from the 1980’s, their economy has been growing at a rapid pace.

    According to the PricewaterhouseCoopers, Vietnam economy can be the world’s fastest-growing economy to date. However, despite such a flourishing economy, Vietnam Under Strict Government Censorship. And, the citizens are facing some really harsh measures for the same.

    According to the Freedom House’s, “Freedom in the World 2018”, Vietnam’s score was just 20 out of 100. It is given as “Not Free” which is truly not a good thing.

    For years, Vietnam is under the control of the one-party state i.e. the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV). Currently, the Communist Party of Vietnam holds around 473 of 500 seats which is a whopping number. The remaining 29 seats are held by the other parties.

    However, other than the CPV, remaining parties are illegal and the Vietnam Fatherland Front sets all the candidates.

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    Vietnam Under Strict Government Censorship & Surveillance

    For retaining its hold over whole Vietnam, the CPV is spending much of its efforts to control the flow of information in Vietnam. In the year 2017, Humans Right Watch found that 100 people are protesting and criticizing the government. For maintaining the authoritarian ecosystem, this country has introduced different policies to limit online freedom.

    Decree 72, Internet Censorship Bill

    In September 2013, the National Assembly passed the Degree 72 Tax. Under this tax, the Internet Censorship upgraded the online censorship by banning Vietnam Users. Among these users, bloggers and social media accounts are the main ones.

    The law states that Twitter and Facebook are only capable to provide and exchange personal information.

    Blogger Imprisonment

    In 2016, a severe imprisonment case was a matter of debate. In this case, a blogger and his assistant came under the radars of the government. They were running a successful blog and reached over a million Vietnam users. But, he was sent to prison for 5 years for “abusing democratic freedoms to harm the interests of the state.” Further, during the trial period, other bloggers were not made the witnesses. And, even the family members were restricted from such activities.

    How Can You Protect Your Digital Privacy?

    During Vietnam Under Strict Government Censorship period, this city is said as the “Enemy of the Internet” by Reporters without borders. Many of the websites such as Blogger, Twitter, YouTube, and Google are inaccessible in Vietnam.

    With such massive levels of Internet Censorship, the citizens of Vietnam can face some stringent challenges. Hence, for the citizens, who want to access the inaccessible websites, still, there is one way.  You can go for the best VPN Service providers in this case. Yes, Vietnam Under Strict Government Censorship scenario will vanish with the use of a VPN. Using VPN, you can hide your IP Address and can enjoy tons of other features. However, you must stay away from the Free VPN’s which can steal your personal data and leave you all in vain.


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