User Data Made Accessible By ZenMate Browser Extension Flaw


    ZenMate Browser Extension Flaw: As per the VPN standings, ZenMate is said to be one of the latest VPN Provider. However, it has got a number of vulnerabilities in its chrome extension which is clearly decrementing its value. And a researcher discovered this issue where he found that ZenMate user data was easily accessible, without any issue.

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    ZenMate Browser Extension Flaw Story

    Like plenty of the major VPN providers, ZenMate does offer variety to their customers. In this variety, browser extension stands as the prime part. In terms of their numbers, they are around 3.5 million users in all. But, one of the top level security researcher has found a common flaw in these browser extensions. Such flaws are visible both in Chrome as well as FireFox which is detrimental in any case.

    Findings came from Mathew Bryant, who is an American Researcher who is also known as “the Hacker Bog”. In the very latest blog post, he said that both Chrome, as well as FireFox, made their trust in a domain known as Zenmate II. But, Bryant noticed some really strange things in this scenario. He brought it and found that it can make privilege API Calls to the browser extension with the help of message passing.

    Hence, with the ZenMate Browser Extension Flaw, he was able to do much more things. He was able to send instructions to different browsers. And, in return, they would respond to those instructions. Also, he was able to reveal user data which was much more disturbing.

    Which ZenMate User Data can the Hackers Access?

    Bryant found it extremely simple to instruct the ZenMate browser add-ons for dumping the user-data from the users who came to ZenMate II Page. Also, he was able to capture the Email-Addresses, subscription information, account id and even the account holder’s name.

    More worryingly, he found it far easier to switch off the VPN Connection remotely to steal every sensitive information. With this, hackers can even access the actual IP Address and much more. Altogether, with ZenMate Browser Extension Flaw, he did instruct the browser extension to leave the proxy condition whenever he visits the site.

    Now, such kinds of information are extremely confidential and must be protected in any case. But, as per ZenMate, they have taken charge of such things and are acting on this issue at a relentless pace.

    What Can the Users Do in this case?

    As of now, with the ZenMate Browser Extension Flaw, it is advisable for every user to use browser extension with caution. Every user has some sort of confidential information and every data is much more essential. Hence, we will not suggest you stop the use of chrome extension. But, you will have to remain much aware in this case.

    And, in any case, you want to upgrade your privacy, you can opt for a good VPN Service for the same. Also, you can even opt for an app over the browser extension scenario. At last, it is the data privacy which matters for any user, without any doubt.


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