US Bill is Willing to Block Encryption Backdoors as Soon as Possible


    Block Encryption Backdoors: In US, the reign of Bills hasn’t found an end yet. Every now and then, there are different bills which are coming and are bringing a new set of rules every other time. As of now, the US Lawyers has come up with a bill which has some interesting things in association with it.

    This bill if passed can ban the US Law enforcement and even the intelligence agencies. This blockage will result in the Intelligence agencies to not force different tech companies for creating backdoors. For instance, these backdoors are used in encrypted communications which can pose some detrimental effects at any time.

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    The Present Legal Condition

    In an attempt to Block Encryption Backdoors, there are different essential things in association with it. The bill which has given the name, “Secure Data Act”, is a great effort for trying and protecting the US citizen’s online privacy. Also, it will ensure that the citizen’s data remains utmost secure and confidential from the intruders.

    As of now, under the present legal condition, the US Intelligence agencies are in some sort of planning. They can request the companies and individuals for providing an access to encryption devices and even to the communication systems. In addition, they can ask for court orders for building a backdoor straight into the encryption driven systems.

    Till date, there have been plenty of the cases in an attempt to Block Encryption Backdoors. However, the most high profile case came out in the year 2015 when the FBI took an action against Apple. Here, Apple was trying to unlock iPhone of San Bernardino Terrorist Syed Rizwan Farooq.

    But, after a series of the fight, it was Apple who won the case and made its mark into the technological industry. And, it was FBI who had to pay $1 million to an Israeli company for hacking the device,

    Block Encryption Backdoors as it puts security at stake

    As and when the representatives said about the real truth, the case of Data Bill took everyone at risk. In a meeting, Zoe Lofgren said, “In a formal press release accompanying the bill that it is not just criminals who become vulnerable when Governments can demand backdoors, but everyone using that device.”

    Further, to Block Encryption Backdoors, she said that it is the job of Congress to make users data secure. The enabling of Backdoors will become a new way for the hackers to hack into the system and steal some great confidential data.

    As of now, for the US citizens, there is still one thing which they can do. Yes, with the use of the  most secure VPN service, they can eliminate the case of backdoors with ease. Also, VPN brings in some tremendous benefits with it which are truly extraordinary.

    At last, it seems that the US Bill is trying its hardest to Block Encryption Backdoors. Further, this bill has a long way to go before it can become a part of the US law. And, what the future has for the US citizens, time will definitely play its game.


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