US Amazon Blocks Australians & Find Out How You Can Access It


    US Amazon Blocks Australians: As of now, things are not looking quite good for the Australians. Right from the 1st of July, Australians will not be able to access Amazon US and also, any Amazon Website Internationally. Such a thing is surely cruel and the Australians are in true vain after this stringent decision.

    Since years, the Australians wanted to visit the overseas websites as it was providing them much more value than it may seem. Also, they used the International Sites to make their product shipped to Australia. As of now, the world’s largest retailer is not available in the country which is making things detrimental.

    Amazon did get an opening in Australia in 2017 but the Australian Shoppers were least impressed. Not only the site had few products but was also a bit on the expensive side.

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    Amazon Australia Not Fit For the Americans?

    As the US Amazon Blocks Australians, a certain set of essential questions does arise from this case. Also, Australia has got wages much higher than the other countries but still is dealing with the downfall.

    With different reports which have come from Amazon, some interesting things have come out. Products such as Vaccum Cleaners were double the price on Amazon Australia as compared to the Amazon US Site. Also even after including shipping and other taxes, the price went to a skyrocketing level.

    So, US Amazon Blocks Australians, it is far away from being the best option. Shoppers are still turning their ways for International sites to purchase goods and Items. Where some of the grey market areas in Australia help the Australians to get products at a cheaper price.

    US Amazon Blocks Australians and what the Australians Can Do?

    Right from the 1st of July, the Australians cannot access Amazon Australia which is truly heartbreaking. Here, they will be redirected straight back to the Australian site whenever they will try to access Amazon US, Amazon UK or any International Amazon Site.

    This move has come due to a fight between the Australian government and the International Business who deliver their products. Further, like the customers who will like to bag an overseas bargain, Entrepreneurs will find tough competition in the market.

    If you are keen to still access Amazon UK, US or any other Amazon international site, there is one possible way. However, it will be an extra work but once done, it will turn out as a great boon to you.

    For this, you will need to get yourself a reliable VPN service which can disguise your current online location. Yes, whenever you use a VPN, you can choose whenever you want to be with whole ease and comfort. Also, you can even hide your IP Address and can mask it as and when you require.

    Hence, as the US Amazon Blocks Australians, people always find some way or the other. And, using VPN is one great choice. So far, the situation for Amazon is not much pleasant. And Amazon will face some tremendous drop in sales due to the ban on Amazon UK, the US in Australia.


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