Today Show Highlights some Great Public Wi-Fi Risks which you as a Consumer Should Know


    Public Wi-Fi Risks: We are here living in the era of technology and things are at a faster pace. Be it any kind of messaging or a video call, Public Wi-Fi has made things much more convenient and useful. But, with every good side, there is surely a side. With the involvement of much public Wi-Fi, there have is a substantial rise in public W-Fi Risks. Such risks can be detrimental to user’s privacy in much more unexpected ways.

    As per the reports, NBC networks, Today Show in the United States had some interesting things. In their report, they had much more to say about public W-Fi Risks. These are the things which every user should take into consideration. They are saying that much of the public W-Fi is much vulnerable and can pose threat to the customer’s privacy. Such issue on privacy is surely not a great sign.

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    Hacking Using a Fake Wi-Fi Network

    The technique which was shown was by default a simpler one. Jeff Rossen depicts how easy it is to harvest user data by just setting up a fake Wi-Fi Network. On such network, hotel guests will surely be among the majority who will become victims.

    After the installation of a fake Wi-Fi network, all the scammer will have to do is just wait. As long as the hotel people will come and connect with this Wi-Fi, things will surely run with the flow.

    Also, Jim Stickley, who is a cybersecurity expert worked with Rossen for setting up a network at Grand Fiesta Americana hotel. Then, Rossen tested by performing a connection and what he saw was just shocking. He can see the bank details on every other purchase, email id as well as the password.

    Further, he said that such things can be a replication of the original confidential details which is quite disturbing. To be honest, it is not much difficult to set up a fake public Wi-Fi and even monitor the activities of the users.

    VPN- A Sole Savior to protect your data from public W-Fi Risks

    So, what are the possible ways to protect your data from such issues when on public Wi-Fi? Well, on the Today Show, Jeff Rossen gave certain suggestions which can prove to be much beneficial.

    One tip which he gave was of sheer help. He said to surely log-off from any public Wi-Fi Network before you are about to enter sensitive information. This can mean logging out every time you enter your bank information, enter the password and so on.

    Again, the above method can be far more convenient. But, there is still another method which can do wonders for your existing privacy metrics. Yes, A VPN Network works as a multipurpose security mechanism which can be a boon to present day users. With the use of a reputable VPN Service, you can be sure about encryption of your online data. With a VPN, even if you end up with a fake account, your data will still be absolutely secure.

    Altogether, it’s great how TV Shows such as the Today Show gave us some insights on fake public Wi-Fi’s. At last, in the midst of public W-Fi Risks, using VPN while staying connected is surely the best combination ever.


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