The UK Police Watchdog is Calling For Different Regulation of Encryption


    UK Police Watchdog is Calling: From time to time, the UK police are doing some sort of intervention. And, things are becoming much unstable than the usual. As of now, yet another intervention has come from the UK Police. In which, the encryption debate stands as the most crucial topic.

    Here, they are calling on different technologies to become under regulation by the government if the technology companies fail to do so. Such comments were made by Sir Thomas Winsor who is the Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary. Here, different journalists came to understood Sir Thoma’s views at the annual state of Policing located in England and Wales.

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    Police Watchdog and the Encryption Issue

    Since the UK Police Watchdog is Calling on encryption regulations, there are different things which are worth considering. Sir Thomas who is not so much popular officer was thanked by the other police officials. He gave his view on pay cut which was a demand by different police officials. Further, he depicted the lack of technical knowledge in many of the senior police officials.

    As of now, Sir Thomas is 60 years old and his sayings are worth considering. He said that the end-to-end messaging services are helping different terrorist groups, paedophiles and criminals are looking for something, really bad. They are working to take down the different law agencies which can benefit them to a great extent.

    Further, as UK Police Watchdog is Calling, he is saying that encryption is much more than protection. He said, that if any company fails to abide by the government rules, more are the chances of the government to regulate such rules.

    But, from people’s point of view, things are looking much different. They are saying that a senior officer must have some sort of information regarding technology and even encryption.

    What exactly is Encryption?

    In the midst of the UK, Police Watchdog is Calling, people are forgetting the meaning of encryption. In reality, Encryption helps in securing data and plays a crucial aspect in the latest technology. The idea of criminals using encryption is often said as the most basic one.

    And, there is a reason why different encrypted messaging services do not abide by the government policies. Here, technology doesn’t allow such services to abide by the law. Today, almost every other encryption communications are shifting gears. In which, even the technology companies cannot access such data.

    What Can the Internet Users Do?

    Well, it is a state of worry that a man of age 60 years is giving such ill comments. He is in a position where his comments can impose detrimental effects on police and the government. Thus as Internet users, you can do one simple thing. Choose the best VPN Service provider which you can install on your device. With this, you can encrypt all the online traffic without any hustle whatsoever.

    At last, as the UK Police Watchdog is Calling on encryption regulation, this scene can take the next leap. Till then, as smart consumers, choose a reliable VPN Service, install it and use your Internet with whole comfort and freedom.


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