Substitute of Kickass Torrent, Aftermath of KAT Shutdown


    LATEST UPDATE On 14th Jan 2017:

    Kickass Torrent (KAT) is Finally Back and this time it back with its original team. As reported by Torrent Freak, the most popular Torrenting website is brought back with the same old team. KAT has to bear a lot of ups and downs in the year 2016 when it first shut down in July 2016 when the US government started banning and hunting all the torrent websites. The only change is the URL of the website, nothing else has been changed your beloved KAT is back with all its glory and content again. To access the real Kickass Torrent website you now need to visit this link and enjoy your torrenting experience. don’t forget to use a Torrent VPN before any torrent download.

    Millions of Torrent fans and users was shocked and left stunned when Kickass Torrent was seized for operations when its owner Artem Vaulin, was arrested over different copyright law violation and money laundering charges. KAT is the top Torrent website holds millions of users who facilitate themselves with the huge and mega Torrent library. Following the aftermath of KAT shutdown the huge wave of disappointment and rage was found among Torrent fanatics and Torrenting community as whole was against this sadistic arrest of KAT owner as they consider it a fight between copyrights clowns and them. As far as the Torrent users are concerned they are in search of new Torrent websites as huge as KAT, so here we have listed down substitute of KAT below., but in case if you are unable to access these Torrenting websites from your region due to copyright law and censorship policies then use ExpressVPN or PureVPN which ensures anonymous Torrenting and secure Torrent downloads.

    Top 4 Substitutes of KAT

    The Pirate Bay (TPB)

    No matter if KAT is shut down, we wish it will rise and shine again like TPB has already gone through this tragic phase and returned blooming. TPB is the perfect alternative of KAT with not the same but very huge and massive Torrent library so you can download thousands of movies, music, videos, software, Apps, Torrents etc and what not, but as TPB itself said don’t forget to secure your Torrent download by hiding your IP address and by using a VPN. The procedure for a safe and secure Torrent Download via TPB is to use a VPN and most recommended VPN is ExpressVPN.

    KAT Triplets

    Three clones of KAT we have listed down here are still in full operation and providing access to the library for the Torrent download before listing it here we have checked it and verifies it using a VPN from different locations so to make sure it works for you , these KAT clones are;

    NOTE: We are not sure about the authenticity and security of these KAT duplicate websites, can be malicious, so your them at your own risk.


    We recommend IsoHunt for all KAT users and fans due to the most used Torrent library that is almost so close to KAT Torrent library. You can also share your issues, tips and suggestions regarding Torrent and Torrenting by taking part in the largest community powered by IsoHunt for Torrenting.

    Torrent Hound

    Although Torrent Hound has not a huge library as of KAT, IsoHunt and TPB but still if you love to download latest movies and TV shows then you will love it simple download navigation and website layout with all the statistics displayed on the landing page about total files, servers etc. and you can find the most recent downloaded files with their link to download and recent searches. It a good substitute for KAT and one of our top pick for Torrent fans.

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