Skype Blocked in UAE: Are VPN’s the Only Savior for the Cause?


    Skype Blocked in UAE: Till now, Skype has been a lot more helpful for plenty of the business as well as for individuals. But, seeing the current scenario of UAE, this could become a nightmare for every Skype lover.

    On December 31, millions of the Skype users in UAE were shaken by the news of Skype blocked in UAE. This news spread like a virus and surely made people wonder about the potential reasons for its blockage.

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    Well, if we look at the condition with a lot keener eye, this isn’t a surprise. All the technically usage services which use Voice-over-Internet Protocol are not at all allowed in the country.

    UAE Telecommunication Regulatory Authority Sayings

    As per the previous reports, “the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has stated that there has been no change the UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has stated that there has been no change in its stance with regards to VoIP, referring to its regulatory policy on the service. It falls at No. 14 on its list of prohibited Internet content.”

    VPN- the best ever Alternative

    Now, if you are the one who doesn’t like spending on such services. VPN can be an absolute saviour for you. You may consider using VPN for accessing certain blocked contents in the given territory area.

    Furthermore, To provide you with a little bit of essential information. A VPN helps you to connect to a server which is not in your country. Here, in this case, the server will not be in UAE. Which could be anywhere say Europe or USA. Additionally, In other countries, the network has little or no restrictions. Which will resolve the Skype blocked in UAE issue with ease and comfort. Hence, With this, there is no effect on you by the ongoing rules and you can enjoy your app without any hustle.

    Though, there are plenty of those VPN service providers which do provide some excellent VPN services. The rates of such services are not that much high and are much affordable by any individual.

    But, of course, there are some dark sides to VPN side too. Since we are living in a lot more cyberspace world, you really can’t be 100% sure of your privacy.

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    According to it, the “seven ‘hidden dangers and risks of VPN are embedded malware, hidden tracking, third-party access to your data, stolen bandwidth, browser hijacking, traffic leaks, and fraud.”

    Sounds a bit risky, right? But a well known VPN service can assure you with utmost confidentiality if you want to access your essential stuff regardless of your location.

    For Example

    If you are the one who works for Google or Facebook and you reside in China, things can get messy for you. These sites are blocked in China and the only way to access such sites is by the use of a VPN.

    Good news for the UAE people is that they can use VPN service as long as they are the legal ones. However, there is still a silver lining on the issue of Skype Blocked in UAE. If you carefully read TRA’s policy carefully, the VoIP services will be allowed in UAE if they fulfil specific criteria and conditions.

    Which means that it will be a game of time for Skype to become legal in UAE and remove their Skype blocked in UAE watermark from their identity. At the moment Skype says “it is very little we can do about this situation” on their website.