Shady Free VPN Turbo VPN Vanishes Straight From Google Play Store


    Shady Free VPN Turbo VPN Vanishes: Over the course of time, we have seen plenty of the VPN’s, disappearing all the way from the Google Play Store. And, most of them were Free VPN’s which had no security measures at all.

    As of now, the TurboVPN, which was running perfectly fine until tomorrow came under the radar of issues. Since years, it was a much popular free VPN and had over 1 million installs feedback straight from their potential customers. But, after a series of bad reviews by the customers, Shady Free VPN Turbo VPN Vanishes from the Google Play Store.

    At the very start of June was the time when people noticed the sudden missing of this VPN on the Google Play Store. But, on the company’s side, they are looking to do investigations for the same.

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    Shady Free VPN Turbo VPN Vanishes Off the Earth

    Due to the sudden vanish of Turbo VPN, there were several companies which wrote an email to the company for the same. But as yet, they haven’t received any response and the situation remains as still as ever.

    Even on the online social media accounts of the Turbo VPN, there hasn’t been any response. In addition, there are thousands of the users who are questioning about its sudden disappearance. But still, the scenario looks quite a lot in a dark world.

    Also, the Turbo VPN site is much quieter and no activity is seen on the website for plenty of the days. The situation becomes much more puzzling because Shady Free VPN Turbo VPN Vanishes also. Here, a message is displayed stating,” The Item you’ve requested is not currently available in the U.S Store.”

    Is the Shady Chinese Company behind such issues?

    Free VPN services are the one which is never a good option for individuals or even companies. If you are not paying for the service, then, funding becomes an essential factor in this case.

    This can mean that the companies are selling your confidential data all over the Internet and it’s not surprising too. Also, there are a major amount of limits while using Free VPN’s which raises the question of them disappearing from the Google Play Store.

    Though, according to a series of research, it came out that the Turbo VPN is made by a Chinese Company. However, there is no such accurate evidence on the fact, who actually makes them.

    Now, as Shady Free VPN Turbo VPN Vanishes, it brings China straight into the limelight. China as a country is not good for VPN Services. In fact, they have put millions of the people in jail for selling an illegal access to the VPN Services. And, the fact that Turbo VPN can be a product of China, it can bring a series of trouble for you.

    As far as the advice goes, I will suggest Turbo VPN users uninstall it as early as possible. With this, you can safeguard your privacy and can prevent it for further access purpose. And, on the contrary, you can opt for other reliable VPN Services which are efficient and secure.

    At last, for any Internet User, Online privacy is the one which everyone craves for. And, with a good VPN Service, you can possibly achieve it with whole ease and comfort.


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