Russia All Set to Levy the VPN Law which will Surely Tighten the Hold of the Russian Government over Internet Workability


    VPN Law: Russia has no stoppage if we look at the current time scenario. It is still on the verge of an expansion of the regulation in relation to divergent Internet-related activities. With such activities, it is implementing a more tighten efforts for monitoring and control purposes. Also, the majority of the foreign companies are under the target of the Russian government.

    The given Law will surely give you a brief summary of the recent developments. So, let’s move ahead and unwrap the current ongoing situation in Russia.

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    Messengers Law

    The Russian Parliament approved certain amendments to the Federal Law No.276-FZ. With such law, they made the mark of some new electronic messenger services which were quite extraordinary. Whereas the VPN law is in full force. And this law will surely make the lives of Russian people even more difficult.

    To be particular, the owners of messenger services should identify their users with the help of their mobile numbers. On the other side, the Russian messenger services should store the mobile phone verification data in Russia. However, if the messenger services fail to abide by the rules, the Russian government will surely block their services.

    VPN Law

    Along with the Messenger’s law, there was one law which came into effect just in the recent days. Yes, the VPN Law was the main highlight of the majority of the news channels in Russia. Under such law, there was a regimen to block VPN’s and other similar technologies. Such technologies  can harm the nation’s integrity to a great extent.

    However, the VPN law does not pose an issue of banning VPNs. Instead, it demands the VPN operators which are in Russia to prohibit the use of sites under the blockage criteria.

    This law will allow Roskomnadzor and other investigative agencies to identify all the VPN’s, their owners and catch hold of any illegal activity thereafter. With this, the VPN owners will be told to use VPN’s as per the Russian compliances. Failing to do so will surely be detrimental to any individual person. This law applies to both Non-Russian VPN owners as well as for the people who live in Russia. Although, certain exceptions are there such as the State-owned information and other private networks.

    Such things are surely done to eliminate the corporate VPN’s which companies use for encryption purposes. However, till now nothing seems to be crystal clear and it will depend on the government for the operation.

    What’s there in the future?

    In the nearby future, there is an expectation of an additional rule which will authorize the administrative fines. Such fines will be imposed on the VPN Owners. And to those who will fail to provide the necessary information to the Russian Government. In case of the penalty, it could rise to 500,000 rubles. Or else, suspension of the VPN service for 30 days.

    But, still, you can choose some of the most reputable VPN services and can use your Internet will full freedom. In the midst of VPN law and the old Messenger Law, users should get a chance to use something, right? Hence choose a reputable VPN service, abide by the Russian rules and you will find no difficulty whatsoever.





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