Russian Cyber Attacks Ongoing on Singapore Summit is Rising


    Russian Cyber Attacks: In the recent days, the Russian cyber attack is rising. There are Russian hackers which are bypassing every other system and stealing some of the most confidential information. Without any surprise, Singapore’s Summit was targeted by the Russian hackers. Yes, the Russian Cyber Attacks is rising and it left the meeting of Trump and King Jong in a shocking mode.

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    Detailing by F5 Networks

    The F5 Networks which is an American Application Security and Service Company found some interesting things. They identified the Russian Cyber Attacks which were targeting Singapore straight on 11th June and 12th June 2018.

    Further, they found that nearly 88% of the harmful traffic came from Russia and were targeting the VoIP Phones. In addition, a constant attack on the IoT devices was their secondary objective.

    In the series of cyber attacks by Russia, attacks were on scanning the vulnerable systems. And all the attacks came from a single IP Address: Other than this, Brazil was another country which was following Russia in these attacks.

    SIP 5060 was the number one attack port which the Russian Hackers were using. Other than this, Telnet was the one with which different IoT devices were hacked at a brutal level. Different ports which were a part of such attacks were Port 7457. This is the same port which the Mirai Botnet & Annie used to target different ISP Routers.

    The Historical Talk between Trump and Kim

    Generally, port 7457 is in use by the ISP’s for managing routers at the remote level. In late 2016, Mirai Botnet and Annie were responsible for causing damage to the European ISPs. In case, if any of the devices have this port open, the admin credentials will secure it by default. But, it is possible that the attackers can gain access and can transfer data, redirect traffic which is known as “Man in Middle Attack”.

    The Conclusion by the F5 Networks

    Till now, things are unclear on the Russian Cyber Attacks and no one knows if they were successful. The security researchers said, “We will continue to analyze the attack data we have collected and updated this story as we make new discoveries,”

    Hence the F5 networks have little or no evidence against the cyber attacks from Russia. But, are working hard to uncover the bad work done by the Russian Hackers.

    Other than the Russian Cyber Attacks, as individuals, you can even come under the radar of cyber attacks. Thus, as smart Internet users, you can make use of a reliable VPN Service. With a good VPN Service, you can be sure about your system’s privacy. And can even protect your system from different malicious attacks.

    At last, as Singapore’s Summit Scenario goes, things are looking quite unclear. It is the F5 networks which will have to work on their Research to find direct evidence against the cyber attacks. Till then, the Singapore government will have to strengthen their security metrics to avoid any cyber attacks in the near future.



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