Russia Threatening Search Engines if Found a Link with VPN’s


    Russia Threatening Search Engines: Over the course of time. Russia opposed the use of VPN’s. Well, the reasons are plenty but the Russian-VPN war seems to be never-ending. As of now as per the new bill N 195449-7, the Russian Government is ordering every other search engine to delete VPN.

    With this, Russia Threatening Search Engines and every other search engine will have to comply by the Russian law. With this, they will have to delete every other anonymizer which is inaccessible in the country. As per time, the bill came out on 5th of June 2018 and is still into the act.

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    An Insight into the Russia-VPN Ban Story

    2012 was the year when the actual war between Russia and VPN came into existence. Here, Russia came out with its Internet censorship which caused every other VPN to remain inaccessible in the country. Today, Russia is one of those blacklist countries which is under the control of Federal services. In this very same year, the Russian government released another ban-list which was known as the ‘Roskomnadzor ban-list’.

    This list contains the different domain names, VPN’s, URLs and other same services. As per the latest bill, the Russian Government can legally dismiss any company or an individual who uses VPN. Other than this, the selling of VPN’s by any means will also become inaccessible.

    As of now, Russia Threatening Search Engines and the ban game is up for almost six years in Russia. Moreover, the Russians are not happy with such types of decision and protests are ongoing at a relentless pace. With this, there are people who are heading towards proxies and prefer anonymizers as their saviour.

    Over the years, the Russian Government is busy looking for loopholes which they can fill as early as possible. Now, the government boasts of a perfect plan which can curb the growth of VPN’s to a massive extent.

    In the very past, the Russian government was not that much strict and people used to access VPN’s with ease. But as of now, the case seems to be a lot more different. With the passing of a new bill, things will become bitter for the free Internet users.

    What’s there in the Bill?

    As per the latest bill, there are divergent types of fines which are in association with the VPN’s. According to the Code of Administrative offences, the Russian Federation can impose a  fine of 48 to 80 dollar for the Russian citizens. And, around 8000 to 1300 USD for legal companies.

    However, to clear these things, the Russian Federal State Information system (FGIS) will come up with a new ban-list of block domains.

    For the people who stay in Russia, Russia Threatening Search Engines is clearly not a good move. Hence, here, people can still choose from the best VPN Service providers. As of now, Russia doesn’t have enough power to ban every other VPN services. Hence, as a citizen of Russia, you can choose from the best VPN Services. With VPNs, you can make sure of your data confidentiality and tons of other features will become an essential part.

    Thus, as of now, Russia Threatening Search Engines and the Russian-VPN fight will shift its gears, for sure.


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