Policy of Private Internet Access, ’no user logs’ Tested in the Hacker Case


    The policy of Private Internet Access, ’no user logs’: Well, in every other case, whenever we talk about VPN’s, it surely brings hackers into any debate case. And this time, it is the Private Internet Access which has found itself in yet another hacking case. Once again, it is in trouble and it will take some good amount of time for it bounce back.

    The case in question is Ross M Colby, who is a software engineer from California got accused to a severe extent. She was the criminal of two crimes with respect to the shutting down of the news website. On top of that, Policy of Private Internet Access, ’no user logs’ is an issue which has some sort of a link with her. The news website which got shut down is the”Almanac Online” which has a parent company Embarcadero Media.

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    IP Address Proving Crucial in this Case

    The recent Colby Trial which is about to happen in San Jose Federal Court heard some interesting things. The claiming was on the basis that Colby told him that he has hacked the newspaper website. But, he didn’t believe Colby as it was a mere boastful thing which was far away from being true.

    However, in the midst of Policy of Private Internet Access, ’no user logs’ there are certain things which are worth considering. With further evidence, it came out that Colby was the person behind the hacking of the website. Further, the FBI gave a series of evidence in which an IP address was in relation to Colby’s home address. Here, it was usable for accessing the email accounts of different Embarcadero Media IT Employees.

    PIA Driven IP Address usage under Scrutiny

    In most of the cases, much focus is on one thing.  Here, multiple times accessing was done on such email accounts using Private Internet Access IP Address. And, such things are quite devastating for a famous company like private internet access.

    On the other hand, Private Internet Access got some positive feedback where John Allan said some good things. He said, that the PIA doesn’t intentionally store the logs and other user’s activity. With this, the Policy of Private Internet Access, ’no user logs’ will appear true if they can release all the allegations.

    Further, they said that they cannot produce the online activity reports about their users as per the law. On the court’s end, it said that the PIA was accepting anonymous payment methods. And the only record which they have is of the account holder name and their email address.

    What Can the People Do in this Case?

    Here, since Colby was using the PIA’s Access to hack news website, it has caused massive trouble for the Private Internet Access Company. Hence as a user who wants the best level security, you must choose VPN’s which have great levels of security.

    As you know Policy of Private Internet Access, ’no user logs’ has come into deep trouble.
    Till then, if the PIA is telling that they keep no user logs, there is no proof of truth. And with this, the debate will take the next stage of allegations and further complications.


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