Liquidated Kodi addon Subscriber Names are Slowly Coming Out


    Streaming free copyright material with Kodi add-ons could get you in trouble. Get a Kodi VPN and enjoy online streaming while keeping yourself anonymous.

    Liquidated Kodi addon Subscriber Names: Well, I hope you must have known the popular Kodi IPTV Add-ons. However, the recent times were much hard towards it as it was dealing with a series of issues. Recently, it went offline and the users are going all in vain.

    Well, there might be plenty of the reasons in relation to Liquidated Kodi addon Subscriber Names leakage. One of which is the revealing of the personal details of users. Where the detailing can come into the hands of the authorities which is truly not a good sign.

    Liquidated Kodi addon Subscriber Names & its demise

    Firstly, ACE Hosting was running the ACE IPTV. Here, they sold a great number of subscriptions to their online streaming services. These services were a combination of illegal streams such as the Premier League Football matches and much more.

    In addition, some hints were already shown in the last year where some interesting things came out. The company cannot sell new subscriptions which is a sudden setback, for sure. Also, at this time, people thought that the team of lawyers might just shut down this issue.

    As of now, in the midst of Liquidated Kodi addon Subscriber Names revealing, users are really left with no option. Now, it seems that all the rumours were pretty much to the point. Also, the ACE Hosting is undergoing liquidation after they came out on a legal agreement of 100,00 Euros to 6000,000 Euros. This agreement was on the basis of the Copyright issue on the Premier League of football. However, what the actual agreement status, all eyes are still in search for that.

    What does the Loss of ACE means for their users?

    The very first thing that the ACE users might think is that their service has gone offline. But, they must be thinking about their money which they spent on this service. However, in reality, the answer to all this is clearly not visible.

    Whether you are an individual or a type of reseller, there is little or no hope that you will get your money back. In a recent document given by the TorrentFreak, it came out that there is no money left in the bags. At last, the deal was in conclusion of an amount around 3 Euros per user.

    Still, as far as the ACE is thinking, there are planning something fishier. They will make the addresses and names of their subscribers available for the inspection process. Hence with this, anyone who is more concern can reveal the personal details of any ACE IPTV Kodi addon user.

    What Can People do to safeguard themselves from this issue?

    The whole scenario goes by the fact that people are taking risks while streaming on Kodi. And, in addition to copyright claim contents, the situation is becoming much worse. Hence, as smart users, you can use VPN while streaming live on Kodi. A VPN has got tremendous benefits which can help you to remain free from any illegal issues.

    At last with Liquidated Kodi addon Subscriber Names revealing issues, things are much worse for its users. Thus a most secure VPN services, hide your IP Address and use Kodi with whole grace and freedom.


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