Iran to take action against VPN Services because it has Links with the US


    Iran to take action against VPN Services: Over the course of time, we have seen some dramatic changes in Iran. Especially in the case of censorship issues, they have become much more stringent than before. As of now, things are becoming more difficult for the Iranian Net Users.

    Yes, the Iran government has found some links of US with the VPN Services. And, which is their prime reason for cracking the VPN services. This time, they are looking to crack VPN’s much harder which will pose great threats to the Iranian Internet users.

    This announcement came from the Iranian telecommunications minister which was some sort of an interesting one. They claim that the VPN Services in Iran is having US influence which is truly not a good thing.

    While, Mohammad Javad Azeri Jahromi said, “This could be partly true it is understood the reality of the crackdowns is to stem the flow of information. Iran already has one of the most restrictive internet regimes in the world only closely bettered by both North Korea and China.”

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    Iran to take action against VPN Services & Real Reason Behind it

    If we talk for around a few weeks ago, the Iranian Internet users rose in anger on Twitter. All of them were sending backlashes against the Iranian government for their censorship regime. All this was done in an attempt to remove the block from Telegram. This blockage of Telegram was done all over the country which was truly a cruel thing.

    At the present, there is Iran to take action against VPN Services and in this case, things were same in the past days. At the time of Telegram blockage, people were using VPN to a great extent. Most of the Iranian Internet users were using it and were getting huge benefits from it. However, with these VPN services running smoothly, the Iranian government will crack them apart sooner or later.

    Now, regardless of the already present tough restriction which is there on VPN’s, the Iranian government wants to shift their gears. Further, they are increasing the difficulty of their restrictions for people who want to access VPN’s. The basic aim of Iran to take action against VPN Services is to disable users from accessing apps such as Telegram through VPN’s.

    As of now, it seems clear that Iran will block anything which will let the users bypass their security restrictions.

    US Funding claims are on Rising

    This issue has taken a new role as the US funding VPN scene came into existence. It is said that there are different US Authorities which are behind VPN services and are funding them, altogether. Hence, for the Iranian users, things will become more detrimental than the usual.

    Thus, they can opt for the reliable VPN services which reside outside Iran. And which are not under the radar of their government. Yes, with these services, they will surely not face any VPN crackdown the issue. And, bypassing the Iranian law will become a cakewalk for all those Iranian VPN users.

    At last, in the midst of Iran to take action against VPN Services, what’s the next move of Iran, time is the best answer.


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