IPTV Piracy Creates More Internet Traffic Than Torrents


    It’s a common fact that piracy is a crime, though it can be carried out by many ways. It includes unauthorized IPTV subscriptions which endeavour affordable access to live sports and premium TV channels. But media eyes don’t easily catch this kind of infringement regularly. However, its existence can’t be overlooked. Latest information reveals such IPTV services generate an extensive traffic. Surprisingly, this traffic from IPTV piracy is way more than the torrent traffic; which is so much in news. Keeping all this aside, we have an option to enjoy the real essence of internet freedom along; with the maximum level of online privacy. That’s none other than VPN services.  Here we let you know, two of the most secure authorized VPN services; ExpressVPN and Nord VPN. Both of these have amazing offers for you to avail! Learn more about the Best VPN for Torrent and P2P file sharing.

    IPTV Laws: What’s Unlicensed IPTV Subscription?

    It’s becoming a common practice that instead of costly cable subscription; people are opting for low cost or free Internet TV. It has become simple and accessible due to a range of handy set-top boxes. Some of these boxes are configured explicitly for pirated data.

    As it turns out, due to this trend; the number of unlicensed TV subscriptions is increasing. Many of vendors endeavouring implicitly any channel possible. Either for free or charging some fee. The actual contribution of IPTV services in copyright infringement was unknown up till now.

    Report That Revealed The Major Role Of  IPTV Piracy:

    Recently, a Canadian broadband management company Sandvine published a report; which revealed about massive traffic generated by IPTV services. The company observed traffic over various settled access tier-1 networks in North America and determined that 6.5% of homes are interacting with recognized TV piracy services. This translates to seven million subscribers and several added inherent viewers. The fascinating perspective is that most services have a fee about $10 per month. this discloses that a great deal of money is engaged.

    “TV piracy could quickly become almost a billion dollar a year industry for pirates,” Sandvine states in its report, remarking that the true rightsholders are being mainly harmed.

    Pirate IPTV Subscription:

    As Sandvine declared, nearly 95% of the IPTV subscriptions operate custom set-top boxes. There is obviously a huge audience of pirate IPTV subscription Viewers. The bandwidth used by these services also unveiled it. At the prime time, TV piracy generates 6.5% of the whole downstream traffic on fixed networks. While the BitTorrent traffic is much lower than this. Last year 1.73% and still minimizing.

    Moreover when we compare the two video titans; Netflix and YouTube; the pirate IPTV numbers are quite a good deal. Where of course, these two websites have a larger share of internet traffic but pirate TV subscriptions are not visibly distant.

    Bottom Line:

    Fair enough to conclude that IPTV piracy is forming a big part of the pirate ecosystem. The Hawkeye of copyright holders must not have missed it of course. In a past few months, authorities have taken serious action against numerous providers. In this regard, Google was asked to remove pirate sites from its search engine, if this inclination proceeds, more are likely to follow.