IP Address Accessible From Slack and it is Not Good for the Users


    IP Address Accessible From Slack: The news of IP Address leak is on the verge of expansion. In this modern age world, cyber attacks are on the rise and every day, millions of the accounts are taken down. Also, the lists of spams are increasing and surely, such a thing is not a great sign.

    The all-time famous email-scam-“The Legend of the Nigerian Prince”   was the longest running one. In this scam, several tactics were in charges such as social engineering, hacking, and phishing. On the other hand, the cybercriminals are finding some ways to hack into any system and steal sensitive information.

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    IP Address Accessible From Slack Scenario

    In terms of Slack, yes it is important software. But, with every good side, there is a bad one too. Hence, besides slack being excellent software, it was the culprit to leak the IP Address of different users. One can generate the IP Address from Slack and can use it for different malicious purposes.

    Yes, you have heard it absolutely right. If you will take a look at the slack admin panel, you will see some great things. Such a place is the workspace admin and here you can see the team members. Also, you can access logs and these are the logs which contain IP Addresses.

    What If the Admin is a cyber Criminal?

    In terms of IP Address accessible From Slack, social engineering does play an essential part. Slack has the ability to serve as a medium in which they can access IP Addresses in real quick time. Apart from that, they can also browse essential information and login plenty of times.

    However, the above things may sound like a dream but it is possible in real life. If you look at a more keen consideration, you will find some great hacks. Yes, in the admin panel, the hacker can get the access logs, your ISP. And will even know the number of times you have connected to Slack.

    Altogether, in the midst of IP Address Accessible From Slack, it is surely a loophole for the hackers. In combination with social engineering, slack serves as a medium for obtaining the IP Address and much more things.

    How can one prevent himself from this situation?

     All of us know the importance of IP Address and their usage in the present world. Hence, one of the best ways to protect your IP Address in Slack is by using VPN’s. With a reputable VPN service, your privacy will be kept to an absolute level of perfection. By this way, your IP Address is replaceable with the remote server Address.

    Also, with a VPN, your Internet Traffic is diverted to anywhere in the world. Hence, you will get a fully encryption-type data and a security par excellence. At last, besides IP Address Accessible From Slack, you make use of VPN’s, as simple as that. And, when deciding on any VPN Service, make sure to get the very best from the available ones, that’s it.


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