How GHCQ’s and British ISPs are Sharing your Data for Years and How to get Around with VPN


    This week was much fascinating as with the ongoing sessions of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT). GHCQ’s and British ISPs are sharing your Data which is surely one of the prime concern for the British citizens. That’s because one witness from the GHCQ is repeatedly providing misleading evidence. Such evidence is forward to the tribunal who is the one, challenging GHCQ’s collection powers.

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    How Section 94 will intrude your privacy

    In the midst of GHCQ’s and British ISPs are sharing your data, this section has a lot more to say.  Trigger letter is another name for S94 section. But such letter can only be drawn out to the ISP or telco. Also, the secretary of that state has signed off on the issuance of S94 at the very instance.

    GHCQ’s and British ISPs are sharing your data for years which is surely the main highlight of this topic. GHCQ also said that the secretary of the state gave the final issuance of the S94 letter. But, the privacy International has certain suspect results in it. They are saying that the letter was just signed off as ok and was all left on GHCQ thereafter.

    The Privacy International lawyers also argued on this topic. They too found such thing not much appropriable. Further, they said that the section S94 was nothing more than just a “cover”. They pointed to several of the cases where there was a huge gap, without any doubt.  In rare cases, they found that the trigger letter was not at all sent.

    What does the hearing- GHCQ’s and British ISPs are sharing your Data conveys in the current date

    Well, on the fact, not much. The S94 trigger letter is no longer used by the GHCQs as the Snooper charters are on a new page. They now require the ISP’s to retain internet data of every other user as soon as possible.

    But, if we closely look at the scenario, things will become clearer for you eventually. It can send some powerful message to other internet users on whom they can trust. However, the ISP’s are apparently working with the British Intelligence agencies to serve them the information.

    VPNs- A Savior in such scenario

    However, if the British users want to enjoy their Internet with full freedom, still there is one way. Such boon tool is none other than a VPN. Yes, with the usage of a reputable VPN Service, you can bypass such issues with ease and comfort. Hence, as a British citizen, all you have to do is to connect to the very best VPN service, that’s it.

    Altogether, with GHCQ’s and British ISPs are sharing your data, you can take your preventive measures as soon as possible. Such scenario doesn’t look to be much pleasing at least if you are a British citizen. And, the only way through which you can escape such things is with the use of a VPN.


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