Researchers Finally Discover what Facebook Onavo VPN Tracking System Looks like


    Facebook Onavo VPN Tracking: Under the range of several features, Facebook yet announced its another feature. Yes, the Facebook Onavo VPN became much popular since the past days. But, people had doubt on such feature and had their eyes keen on the current scenario. A researcher, Strafach came up with a blog post showing whats really going on behind the scenes.

    Social Media King, Facebook launched their recent project, “Project Feature” with a little fanfare. Under such project, Facebook Onavo VPN Tracking was the major highlight, without any doubt.  To make you aware, Onavo is on Facebook and is working for providing VPN’s to the needful facebook users.

    Hurrah, you may think that Facebook was providing privacy metrics. But, you may be wrong after reading this article. So, let’s get ahead and unfold the secret on by one.

    Facebook Onavo VPN Tracking and is all the way tracking

    Media was much quicker to span on this new feature by Facebook with headlines such as “Don’t Trust the VPN Facebook Wants You to Use”, “Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not Download Onavo, Facebook’s Vampiric VPN Service” and “Why Facebook “Protect” is all but protection.”

    However, some of you may think that Facebook was giving merely an unfair ride. But, the lack of some privacy commitments made it happen to build some sort of a reputation.

    Further, Strafach said to investigate the iOS edition of the Facebook protect. Such edition is one of the most prominent ones till date. His readings made some quite uneasy but gave us some much needful lessons to learn.

    Revealing Facebook Tracking

    In the midst of the Facebook Onavo VPN Tracking, Strafach discovered some amazing things. He said Facebook uses an extension known as “Packet Tunnel Provider” which ran successfully in the VPN connect feature.

    One major purpose of this extension is to gather send data about users and revert it back to Facebook.

    Some Findings in the Data Includes:

    • When any user’s screen is turned on or off
    • Total usage of the Wi-Fi data without using a VPN
    • Total Mobile Data Usage
    • Regular Information on the duration of the VPN being connected

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    What such Thing Means for You

    While some may rejoice despite their essential information being pass on to Facebook, things may get detrimental. The activities are happening within the app and on your device which is definitely not a “Cool Thing”.

    On the other hand, choosing a Free VPN service can be risky for you at any point in time. It doesn’t have a proper security mechanism which can keep your data much secure and under sheer protection.

    As far as your privacy is under the radar, I suggest you, use VPN services of some reputable company. Such companies will charge nominal fees from you but will give you the wishful security, you can be proud of. Privacy stands to be the main concern in today’s life and keeping it at risk, not a good choice.

    At last, under Facebook Onavo VPN Tracking issue, using the best possible VPN Service should be the greatest priority.





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