EFF Begins STARTTLS Everywhere, A Free New Mail Encryption Tool


    EFF Begins STARTTLS Everywhere: Since few days, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is having a busy day. They are continuously trying to improve their encryption strategies for the betterment of their services.

    Two years ago, EFF started their Let’s Encrypt Initiative along with Cisco and Mozilla. This initiative was a type of free certificate programme which encrypted the World Wide Web. The most important thing about this service was that it was free and easily available.

    Building its success with different programmes, the EFF is now looking towards emails. As of now, there are plenty of the email providers which are ready to use some form of encryption or the other. Such type of encryption is used for protecting the messages which are sent among different servers.

    At present, there are different email services such as the ProtonMail, which is a great emailing service. And, all the different online emailing services such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook also use their own encryption driven servers.

    But, as the EFF Begins STARTTLS Everywhere, different email servers will start using this service to good effect. According to the latest report, 89% of the email servers will use STARTTLS with immediate effect.

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    What is STARTTLS?

    If you don’t know what actually STARTTLS means, it is not the latest technology. Moreover, it was made in the year 1999 and is an extension to SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). With the use of SMTP service, you can convert your insecure connections into secure ones with the help of SSL Certificates.

    In simpler words, it encrypts the email on arrival and then decrypts it on the arrival. By doing this, it helps in preventing the content from hacker intervention and by the third-party apps.

    Further, as the EFF has explained in their blog post, several email servers are not able to validate their security certificates. And with this, EFF Begins STARTTLS Everywhere and it will do wonders.

    How the STARTTLS Everywhere Works?

    With the hope to solve email security concerns, the EFF Begins STARTTLS Everywhere. This latest initiative is really simple and uses the Let’s Encrypt tool for its working. It provides the administrators with a particular software which they can run on their servers to get validated on an automated basis. On top of all these things, this tool is completely free for almost every user.

    However, this is not a great tool for regular email users and that is where the use of VPN comes into place. Yes, with the use of a reliable VPN Service provider, you can make your emails secure and hacker-free. In addition, VPN’s can even secure your computer system and you will not need to worry in any case.

    As of now, EFF Begins STARTTLS Everywhere which is a great service, without any doubt. Other than the regular email users, the STARTTLS service is a perfect match for normal internet users. As a person, you can even join the initiative and start to spread the awareness of this service. Or else, you can even use the VPN Service if you are looking for an all-around Internet protection.


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