China’s VPN Crackdown and the Foreign Companies Are Looking for Newer Changes


    China’s VPN Crackdown: It is not the first time that China has come under the radar of VPN breakdown. Over the years, the Chinese VPN issue is in the debate and is on the verge of expansion. As per the newer set of rules, the life of VPN in China is on extinction. With the involvement of new set of rules, China is making the foreign companies to utilize the state communication networks.

    Also, the last deadline to comply with the rules was March 31, 2018. Without such compliance, China’s VPN Crackdown will inevitably happen. In the countries where contents are under the radar of blockage, VPN’s are their sole option. With a VPN, they can go miles without worrying about their privacy issues. Apart from China, there are several other countries which are using VPN’s with full freedom. Among such countries are Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt and many more are there in this list. However, such case is inevitably not to be seen in China from April 1.

    China’s VPN Crackdown- More Insight in this story

    For years, the Chinese government was looking to block VPN’s which comes under the unlicensed category. Well, the deadline was 31st March; the skies must have already fallen down in China. Such a provision is forcing several foreign VPN companies to adapt to the newer versions of licensing rights. Hence, this is one of the latest efforts done by the government which will plug holes in the “Great Firewall”.

    Apart from the above scenario, there is still more to this exciting story. The newer set of rules will dictate how the VPN will be given license to the given country. From now onwards, the companies will need to use the three given lines by the Chinese operators. Other than the three operators, the VPN providers cannot use any other network which is pretty harsh.

    On the contrary, if the VPN providers are not applying for a license, they can get into some big trouble. Also, they VPN accessibility can become extinct sooner or later. However, such a thing is not the first time when it has happened. Over the course of time even before China’s VPN Crackdown, things are the same for China.

    Beijing Issues in the year 2017

    Flashback straight into the year 2017, Beijing was in sort of a big trouble. As a city, Beijing was facing tremendous issues with the VPN’s secure communications. Such an issue was due to China’s restriction of this technology which surely made it become a debatable topic. Further, they have sent a letter to the Union on the same. But, on the other side, Apple was the sheer savior of Beijing. As a brand, they made their way to drop 100’s of VPN’s to Beijing on their request.

    What’s the Final Take on Such an Issue?

    In the midst of China’s VPN Crackdown, the citizens of China can do one simple thing. They can choose a much reliable VPN service which can comply as per the rules of the Chinese government. As of now, if you are living in China, opting for a trustworthy VPN service is inevitably the best option.




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