China Prepares New VPN Blockade Making Lives of the Chinese Citizens More Stressful


    China Prepares New VPN Blockade: Almost every nation in the present day world is facing some serious censorship issues. Some major countries which are facing the serious censorship issue include China, Iran, Egypt, and Russia. Being said that, China stands to be the topmost of all. China has the strongest censorship in the world which leads it to yet another regime- China Prepares New VPN Blockade. Since past years, China has kept blocking some famous sites such as Facebook, Google, and Wikipedia. Apart from such sites, they have blocked thousands of the other sites too.

    Also, China has the largest number of active mobile users which should be taken into consideration. And, we have seen China force major brands like Apple to remove their VPN Apps from the App Store. So, how much worse this situation could get?

    VPN is surely the best choice for people all over the world. It helps in the encryption process and also protects the privacy to a great integrity extent. Also, it helps in bypassing the restrictions which any country does pose in some way or the other.

    But, over the past years, the situation hasn’t looked friendly in terms of the VPN. As we all know, China Prepares New VPN Blockade and certain other policies are making use of VPN harder. Since the inception of the Internet, China’s control over Internet has gone to a far away distance. If we visualize current China’s Internet, it looks a lot more different than before.

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    Since Ages, China’s was looking to put a stop on the usage of VPN’s. But, their strategies were always under the table and hidden quite often. They don’t want any VPN services to be active and are silently under doing their mission. Hence, with the announcement of recent rumors, the Chinese government is still neglecting it to a considerable extent.

    A word of mouth from China telecom Service Employee

    In his sayings, he said, “It’s strange because we didn’t ever receive such a notice banning access to VPNs. And another customer service employee confirmed that “no such notice has been received up to now.”

    Feels like a strange topic, right? Well, if you take into consideration, China’s recent news, then perhaps not. It’s pretty much obvious that these employees don’t want attention. In spite, they are doing the things what they are told by the government to do.

    Network World Report

    As per the reports, the Chinese government is embarking the beginning of a new policy. Under such policy, the Chinese government will tell every other ISP to block every VPN ports, as simple as that. With such thing, China Prepares New VPN Blockade and will tighten the control on the Internet far more strongly.

    Further, the reports said that the VPN providers in China must fill their registrations if they want to sell the services in China.  Thus, In the midst of China’s aggression on VPN, you can still trust some reputable VPN Services with ease. These VPN’s are far more secure and you can perform every other activity despite the issue- China Prepares New VPN Blockade.


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