China Plans to Ease Internet Censorship for Tourists In Two Small Areas


    China Plans to Ease Internet Censorship: At present, there is a series of rumors which is ongoing in China. Yes, the Chinese government will look to soften its Internet censorship in at least one of their provinces. But, as the current date situation goes, we cannot be sure what is going in the minds of the Chinese officials.

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    The Free Trade Plans of Hainan

    As China Plans to Ease Internet Censorship, the Chinese Communist Party is doing some sorts of interesting things. They have revealed the three-year plan which will turn the southern island province of the Hainan into a free trade port. They are looking to achieve this milestone by the year 2020 which is a great thing for the company. The part of such plan includes that the citizens of these regions can have certain sets of privileges. They can access the sites which are kept inaccessible all across China.

    Further, in an attempt to attract more number of tourists in Hainan, the CCP is looking for much more things. They can remove the ban on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter and will let the Hainan people use it with whole grace and comfort. Other than the Hainan citizens, the local citizens can’t access these sites which is not a good thing.

    On the basis of the South China Morning Post, the report is still under the area of coverage by the CCP. Further, as China Plans to Ease Internet Censorship, different media outlets are keeping their eyes on the same.

    Will the Chinese Communist Party Damage China?

    The Decision by the CCP for lifting the great firewall is indeed an accurate one. They are going according to their own plan but there are things which are quite disturbing. With the type of tactic in use, the online censorship is having an adverse effect on the economy. Specifically, with the tourism, things have become much worse than the usual.

    It is also raising the question that how the Chinese government is thinking to lift the online censorship plan. If the rule comes in place, Hainan will be a heaven for the Internet Users while the other areas of China will face challenges. While, the name of Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are in listings, Google, Whatsapp, and Instagram are nowhere in the picture.

    Further, the Chinese Communist Party will monitor who is online and which sites people are accessing. In case, if any individual speaks against the CCP, things can become detrimental for that person.

    Now, China Plans to Ease Internet Censorship but there are still some loopholes in the whole process. Despite the VPN Ban in China, people are still using VPN’s which tells the kind of impact VPN Service brings.

    Thus, despite the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts, a number of the best VPN Service providers are active in China. Hence, as China Plans to Ease Internet Censorship, you will want to access every site in China. So, take a step ahead, choose the best VPN Service Provider and use your Internet with whole grace and freedom.


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