China Blocks HBO Access Right After the John Oliver Gag


    China Blocks HBO Access: Over years, China has been that one country which is trying to block every other website, apps which have affected the integrity of their nation. Whether it is Facebook or the giant Google, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has become the supreme god in China.

    As of now, China Blocks HBO Access which has left every movie lover all in vain. This was done when the level of criticism took on its president. With this, the John Oliver’s Gag is under serious controversial issues. In addition, the block is following all over the country and movie lovers in China are finding one way or the other.

    According to the, they said that the HBO site was inaccessible right from Saturday. And, the Chinese citizens are unable to view that channel at any cost. Further, China has also made the “Last Week Night Show” inaccessible following the above controversy.

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    China Blocks HBO Access Story

    It appears that the Chinese government doesn’t take criticisms lightly. With Oliver creating a controversial statement on President Xi Jinping, things are getting bitter. In his statement, he compared the president with the cartoon bear, Winnie the Pooh. Further, Oliver also said against China’s human right record and its devastating levels of persecution and surveillance.

    Soon after the HBO site was completely inaccessible in China, the show was not available on any of the streaming sites.

    In a recent response statement, Oliver said, “Clamping down on Winnie the Pooh comparisons don’t exactly project strength. It suggests a weird insecurity.”

    Is VPN use Legal in China?

    Still on paper, using VPN is not legal in China. The government of China made the use of VPN’s illegal in April 2018. But, till date, any official announcement has not yet given. At the very end of last year, the Chinese government made a person to go to prison for five and a half years. This punishment was given because he was selling VPN software.

    However, despite China Blocks HBO Access, censoring the online content is not new for China. In the last week, they made the ASMR content inaccessible and there are pretty other cases for their censorship.

    Now, this rampage from the Chinese government has made people use VPN in China. If we closely analyze the Chinese country’s scenario, there are a number of VPN’s which are active in China. Well, its uses are plenty and which is the reason the Chinese citizens love using VPN.  According to the Research by GlobalWebData, nearly 31% of the Chinese users use VPN to great extents.

    By opting for a reliable VPN Service provider, people can view the inaccessible site content and can hide their IP Addresses.

    Hence, as smart Chinese citizens, you tackle the “China Blocks HBO Access” Issue. For this, you just need to get a good VPN Service and configure it as per needs. Now, as far as the Chinese Internet Censorship goes, the government is on the rise and are looking bitter than usual.


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