China Bans WhatsApp Messenger


    The well-known instant messaging app WhatsApp; was already having a hard time for its survival in China since July. After the decision of Chinese government to restrict its users from sending photos and videos to the app. Now China bans WhatsApp completely.

    China Bans WhatsApp:

    Nevertheless, Chinese government latest tactic to have foolproof censorship is to block WhatsApp. As the state equips for a huge Communist Party meeting in the coming months. Yes, it’s true! WhatsApp cannot be accessed in China anymore.

    Although, there is no such news that declares any date of un-banning WhatsApp which is currently inaccessible in the country.
    Meanwhile, Symbolic Software, a Paris based research firm revealed; Chinese users are restricted to send even text messages via WhatsApp. Whatsapp was facing severe disturbance lately since Wednesday; as its users in China reported.

    China Discourages Social Networks:

    It’s not something that China did for the first time. China has adopted this blockade behavior years ago. It has now become habitual of banning and restricting access to various web services.
    Notably, social networks and international sites are on top of this block list. However, China outbound these sites with the help of its great firewall. This great firewall service presently obstructs 171 out of world’s renowned websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Instagram
    and several Google services in mainland China.We can say it’s WhatsApp turn now!

    The Reason Behind Whatsapp Blockade:

    There is no doubt that China bans Whatsapp for a reason. This step of restricting the end-to-end encrypted messaging app is taken ahead; because the 19th National Congress of the governing Communist Party is around the corner. It is planned to be held next month. At this highly-strung gathering, which commences after every 5 years; is on purpose to select leaders and define strategic preferences.
    While barring its residents from using WhatsApp, the Chinese government is trying to push its citizens towards secure messenger options such as WeChat. It supports the Chinese government with its citizens’ personal data.

    Access WhatsApp Through a VPN In China?

    As a matter of fact, the need of a VPN is increasing day by day. Especially in a country like China. But we should keep in mind that China VPN crackdown is under process. This crackdown basically compels all VPN providers to get a license from the government in order to use such services. Despite the crackdown, WhatsApp can only be accessed via VPNs (virtual private networks).Get to know 5 best VPN in China 2017. As VPN has the ability to bypass China’s internet firewall. But for that, you need an authorized Chinese VPN service Such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN.  Click here to see how can you access blocked sites in China?

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