Call For Lifting the ban on Telegram is on rising by the Eight Internet Freedom Organization


    Lifting the ban on Telegram: Till now, Iran hasn’t come out of the Telegram Ban issue. It is Iran government which is putting a relentless ban and the people are busy protesting it. Well, these things are ongoing for months now and no strong solution has come out from this case.

    As of now, it is the Eight Internet Freedom Organization who is looking forward to fighting the Iranian government. They are telling for Lifting the ban on Telegram and let people use it all over again.

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    A bad decision blocks Telegram

    As a part of their campaign, the Judiciary is equally responsible for lifting the ban. In terms of Telegram, it is a huge success app which has nearly 40 million active Iran users. With this app, people often communicate with each other and it is vital in every possible aspect. In terms of its features, it is a social media tool and a personal messenger which is important for proper information flow.

    Right on 30th April, the Iranian Judiciary gave an order to block Telegram. Further, they said the ISP’s to block any accessing to Telegram which was inevitably a cruel thing. This order was given on national security grounds which were based on the January 2018 protests. However, besides these, there are reasons which must be taken into consideration. The telegram was not able to locate their servers to abide by the Iran law. Hence, as the group is telling for Lifting the ban on Telegram, they will have to face some stringent things.

    On May 1, 2016, Telegram was inaccessible across whole Iran through the home as well as mobile connections. This thing is surely a massive setback for people to express their words in an affirmative manner. Other than this, Iranians are facing many issues with the Google Play store, Apple Store and even the working of Whatsapp.

    Some More Useful Insights on Lifting the ban on Telegram Story

    Since the popularity of Telegram back in the year 2015, different Iranian authorities have bought the Committee Charged with Determining Offensive Content back into action. The CCDOC is a multipurpose action body which is in charge of Iran’s filter content. In terms of the block on Telegram, first, one done on December 2017 and the protests occurred on January 2018.

    As of now, it seems that this fight is inevitably a never-ending one. On one side, it is the Eight Internet Freedom Organization. And, on the other, it is the Iranian government. With such huge powers opposite to each other, fights will last for a longer time.
    Hence, for the Iranian citizens, you can still use VPN and get out of this struggling issue, for sure. With a VPN, you can bypass any Iranian government law and can even use Telegram without any blockage. In case of Lifting the ban on Telegram, the group is working hard to uplift it, as soon as possible. But, what will happen next, all depends on future insights, inevitably.


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