Australia Wants to Spy Social Media Accounts & What You Can Do?


    Australia Wants to Spy Social Media Accounts: In the recent gross violation of citizen’s policy, the Australian government has come up with a plan. The government is demanding for a backdoor access to Facebook and different platforms. With this, it will become difficult for the citizens of Australia for accessing the social media accounts.

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    Making the situation even worse

    Australia Wants to Spy Social Media Accounts and the situation is on the severe side. In terms of the Australian politicians, they were enthusiastic about the surveillance. But, according to the critics, they are not understanding the importance of encryption.

    In the year 2017, Prime Minister Turnbull, he was against such rules and gave the number of side effects in association with it.  Now, the Australian government is looking for other ways to access social media data.

    Unfortunately, the methods which the government is looking for methods which pose risks to the overall security criteria. In reality, the End-to-End Encryption is almost impossible to unlock. Hence, for accessing, it will require Backdoors with which, the government can spy social media accounts.

    Till now, Australia Wants to Spy Social Media Accounts, and it seems as if Backdoor is their sole option. On the part of the social media companies, they are also afraid of the hackers. And, are saying that the hackers can exploit their weakness. Therefore, the Australian government is looking powerful to spy on the social media accounts.

    Over a long period of time, the Australian government was quiet. But, now, it is forcing the companies for bidding. Most bidding, their approaches will involve using backdoor or using reprogrammed apps which can send messages to the Australian government.

    Australia Wants to Spy Social Media Accounts & its Motivation

    Well, the motivation behind such surveillance is interesting. According to the Australian government, there is a battle ongoing against paedophilia, terrorism, and crime. However, the different social media platforms are far away from the terrorists. And there are secretive platforms which are not yet out and will be safe from the eyes of hackers.

    Although, Facebook isn’t the most secure social media platform after the act of the Cambridge Analytics Scandal. In this scandal, they were found guilty of sharing information with the phone makers for years.

    In case, if Facebook thinks of sharing their data with the Australian Government, this is not a new thing, for sure.

    What Can the Australians Do in this Case?

    As far as we think about the Australian Government, they will go to endless limits for accessing the social media accounts. On the contrary, there is still one way through which you can make your social media accounts secure. With the use of a reliable VPN Service, you can enhance your Internet security to great extents. Apart from this, you can even enjoy some great list of features from the VPN Service providers.

    At last, as Australia Wants to Spy Social Media Accounts, you will have to become smart users. Although the data might be used for a noble cause, the deadly Australian government’s move is still a mystery.



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