Apple Boosts Up iPhone Encryption Against the FBI Snoops


    Apple Boosts Up iPhone Encryption: From time to time, Apple has been the most concerned about its encryption and security. They are on the verge of developing software’s/apps which can increase their iPhone security to substantial limits.

    As of now, Apple Boosts Up iPhone Encryption against the different FBI Snoops currently present in the market. The FBI is now able to unlock the passcode encrypted devices which is the reason for Apple taking such step.

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    An Insight on the GrayKey

    In terms of the last month reports, FBI is using a tool known as the GrayKey. This is a much simpler sounding tool which has a small box and comes with two lightning cables. With GrayKey, it is possible to unlock any iPhone at a price of $30,000 which comes with unlimited unlocks.

    GrayKey’s working is much more of a simpler one. It works by installing the software on the device with the help of a USB port. The process runs on its own until the device passcode is seen.

    This news came out by the Vice News in which the FBI gave $1 million to the Israeli. After which, the Israeli made it possible for unlocking iPhone of the San Bernardino Terrorist. Apple Boosts Up iPhone Encryption and this thing was bound to happen. According to the Reuters, the latest version of the iPhone includes a security patch which can stop GreyKey, for sure.

    Apple is fighting back with its “USB Restricted Mode”

    The all-new “USB Restricted Mode” will bring tons of security for the Apple Users. This mode will stop anything to communicate with the device via the USB port. If the device is in the locking position for more than one hour, this mode is a great option.

    Apple Boosts Up iPhone Encryption can be a game changer in the current mobile phone industry. After the success, there can be a rise to use the “USB Restricted Mode” by other mobile companies. But as for Apple, they are doing such things for increasing the privacy of their iPhones to a great extent.

    In a recent statement, they said that Encryption is the most powerful tool against the hackers, malicious software and even thieves. Further, they said that just one update cannot fully stop the law enforcement agencies from doing their job. In addition, they said, “ We have the greatest respect for law enforcement, and we don’t design our security improvements to frustrate their efforts to do their jobs,” they said.

    VPN Still useful for iPhone Devices

    As the Apple Boosts Up iPhone Encryption, the iPhone users can relax in some peace. But, there is still another way which can protect iPhones. Yes, with the use of a VPN, you can be sure that your iPhone device is in its sole encryption form.

    By choosing a reliable VPN Service provider, you can enhance the security of your iPhones and can protect it from hackers and intruders. Thus, VPN’s will encrypt all the online data and can keep your activity private, secure at all time.


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